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You will be shocked at how big an impact money has on your life!

By March 3, 2009March 27th, 2019Blog

“I’m learning a lot and noticing how big an impact money has on my life and on others in my life and how often I think about it. WOW!” SM

surprised-lucyDo you know how big an impact your feelings, beliefs and patterns around money have on your life? My new class Total Wealth Transformation: Meet Your Money Muse” (you can still join till March 10th) is having all kinds of transformative realizations in just the first class! Here are just a few of the many comments and feedback I am getting from just the first class!  I have lots of class participants who are noticing resistance, and fears coming up, and already seeing them shift! This is wonderful! Awareness is the key to open the door to your freedom and flow with money.

“I loved the meditation tonight! It was the first time I “felt” the *material* wealth all around me. I’ve felt webs of energetic abundance before, but this time I was moving around the city noticing all of the physical luxury and wealth kinesthetically. This happened quite spontaneously and took me rather by surprise. Your meditations are absolutely wonderful!
And your energy is so clear and conscious.” WP

“So….you are not going to believe this but….. I got a five hundred dollar check in the mail today….  you ARE the fairy godmother!!
I mean it though about your magic.  It is amazing that I get such tangible results with you… ” Catherine B.

” I felt really good immediatly after the first class. The very next day after your first Wealth class, I got a new client from out of the blue who started right away and paid me $500… plus a new affiliate. Your processes make me feel so positive and open.  Thank you” CS

Want to see the impact your false relationship with money is creating? See what these students are realizing and releasing:

“SO SO hard for me to keep my mind straight.  I feel pressure all the time to get to ground zero… it is hard for me to trust my inner voices”

“Each time I get ready to set a coaching session with you, I feel resistance. I realize I am afraid to find out what it is that is holding me back”

“During the first meditation I felt like a box of steel was around my heart. I felt almost paralyzed to take action. It was so obvious to me that I had believed what 3 specific  people in my life had made me feel ;  “I don’t deserve” and that without them I was nothing. I have been living inside a box that told me my success and the money I had or could get, was all based on what they decided for me. It was so frustrating to see that I have limited myself based on the belief I have held since early childhood: that others are in control of the money and abundance and I have to please them in order to be ‘good enough’ to be allowed to receive some of it. And that when I did receive it, I had to be good or they would take it away or not give me anymore.”

“I was also stunned to see how my ‘false’ money appeared… it was ‘greaser”/biker kind of dude, good looking, but with a real attitude, like a new yorker guy in a leather jacket. Really manly and with that attitude of ‘yeah, so what” , chewing gum and slumped over in the chair. A guy who would pour attention all over you when he wanted to, and then drop you like a hot potato and not care. He was real callous and indifferent… like it was not his problem if I was not happy, too bad. I wanted to beat him up, punch and kick him and squish his face. I am a very non violent person, so this was a shock, but I went with it because I felt so safe in your class. I felt it fully, like you kept encouraging. It was a very worthless and powerless feeling. When you said to get rid of ‘him’, I was amazed, I kept having to do things to get rid of him, but finally he was gone and then the steel plate around my heart moved out from me and I shot it full of bullet holes (I am so anti gun you would not believe it, but this felt so good, being as it is in my mind) and it was mangled beyond repair…that felt good, because it really made me  feel I could not take it back on.

I also felt like I was watching this from a distance and that part of me really noticed how just that was enough of a ‘stuck’ energy, to keep me from consistently flowing with money. I am good at creating money and chunks of it. I want it to flow all the time and not feel like I always have to prove myself and wait on someone else’s approval to get what I want. I want to feel free! When you took us into the field of abundance it started to ease and I felt supported all around. I truly felt like this past block is gone, now I have to find a new way to feel and act…. so interested to see what is next. Thank you… this process is already worth it ten times over!”

“every time I start to plan (my business) ….I stop…after seemingly wasting all the time and money on my other business building plan, I am flat out afraid to walk in a new direction… and when it comes to creating a fee schedule for myself (both personal service and workshops) i freeze…”

Do you relate to any of this? Can you see how powerful your ideas, feelings and relationship with money is? It starts with self worth and radiates out from there. I know you are ready to transform these kinds of feelings into the breakthroughs and empowering new thoughts that bring inner peace, happiness and cashflow. Now is your chance,  ride this wave of transformation! Master Your Money Mind now!

“So….you are not going to believe this but….. I got a five hundred dollar check in the mail today….a reimbursement for a hospital bill from when I was sick. I also had a great conversation with one of my brothers (hadn’t heard from him in a long time)  I needed some new shirts and found the perfect ones, the perfect colors and priced two for one.
I am really seeing that abundance IS more than money!!  Larry also got a 75 dollar check for an overpayment… you ARE the fairy godmother!!
I mean it though about your magic.  It is amazing that I get such tangible results with you…I do hope you make a monthly offering so people like me can support you and be in your vortex!” Catherine B.