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“I used to say I don’t need much. Now I don’t have much”

By March 9, 2009Blog

In one of my recent coaching sessions on wealth transformation, this was what was written in the email from the client: “I used to say I don’t need much. Now I don’t have much”. Can you see, just from reading it, how powerful that statement is? How it is creating her reality?!

When you say “I don’t need much” or “money is not important”, you are telling the universe what you want and what you are worth, You are telling yourself, and your inner being is aligning with that. You are the Master…remember? You are giving the commands!

So if you look at how you feel and what is in your life right now, physically, you can trace it back to what internal patterns and programs you are living. What you say has  HUGE impact, on you:

1. You are programming your subconscious with repetition. If you say the same things over and over, and they do not reflect the way you really would like to feel, live and Be, then you are not lining up with the real inner you, and conflict, fear, worry occur… as well as not getting he results you want.
2. You are telling your subconscious mind, your ego, your body and all of you what you are asking for and by saying you do not need much, guess what you will get?
3. Your self worth can’t align not needing much with having a lot. It is a disconnect.

So , look at what you say, whether you believe it or not…. especially if you are saying it to make others comfortable, be nice, agreeable or polite.

Lining up with what you choose, like more income, happiness, a new love….  has to do with INTERNAL alignment, and that includes what you say to yourself and others. What you think and say in your head too.
Be congruent: line up what you say you want (more money, peace of mind etc) with what you are saying , feeling, looking for, expecting and believing. Want it to be easier? See where you are incongruent, not lining up…saying one thing and asking for another.
What you have been stressing you desire may be right in front of you, and you cannot reach it, because the internal dialogue, vision, feeling and worth are not connecting. You can be one arms length from it, and literally not be able to pick it up, be blind to it!

Here is another way to think about it:
You say you want more money, you are tired of struggle and you feel that the all the things you have been doing to make it happen are not working. You explain that you have been applying for jobs, asking for raises, looking for clients, and  trying to make the changes you so deeply desire happen.
You look around and say “it’s the economy”, “it’s my prices”, “it’s my competitor”, “it’s my Dad”,  “it’s my divorce”… it’s everything outside of you. No… it’s not.
It is that there are energy systems working inside you and they are not communicating. They are hearing your heart say “I want money to flow to me easily”. However when the systems begin to co create what you say you choose, they encounter road blocks on the way to creating that situation.
These road blocks are
1. Old beliefs: like ‘money is evil” then you will  not get or you will get rid of money. Your inner being will not allow you to exist very long doing or having something that means you are evil.
2. Your thoughts and words : when you say you do not need much, yet are asking for a lot, there is not a way for your internal systems to rectify that. It you are telling yourself 2 conflicting things, so you get conflicting results.
3. Doubt: if you keep going back to doubting and second guess yourself all the time, the manifestation cannot line up… it is like opening and shutting a door, it is very hard for much to get in, if you keep slamming it every few minutes!
4. Self Worth: especially when it comes to money, if your true internal compass is set at “I don’t deserve” or “I am not good enough”, your Money muse is cruising along, gathering resources, people, and opportunities to line you up with what you say you choose, and BAM!! A road block! The energy of not deserving money, or whether clients will like you or you can perform well… anything like that cannot match up with the manifestation of ” lots of money please”.
So now your internal systems are looking around to see how they can fit that plug (more money) into that outlet (i am not good enough), because they do not match.
You need a converter, like when you travel, to change the voltage (your energy/frequency) and match the plug up (the meeting and melding of the desire with the reality).

If you see some results, but not what you really want, or you feel like you just about get it, but don’t , or get it and lose it… you can be sure there are conflicting instructions going on. The alignment is internal. Not external. Don’t look outside yourself for the road block. The effortless lining up happens only when the internal landscape shifts to create roads that meet and are free from blocks.

Put yourself first, be true to what feels best for you and CHOOSE your words, thoughts and actions to be congruent with what you are asking for.