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the universe will open doors for you where there used to be walls

By March 11, 2009March 10th, 2019Blog

“follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there used to be walls”opendoor1
Joseph Campbell

Almost everyone has heard the famous phrase “Follow your bliss”. But look at how interesting the rest of the sentence is… very intriguing! Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever experienced that? Doors appearing and opening where you never saw a possibility before? It is amazing, fun, magical and worth all you do to get to there!

In my current Total Wealth Transformation Class, we discussed this last night. I use the imagery of doors and doorways. It is very effective. In fact we only actually see what we are vibrationally aligned with. We may even have or be in the middle of experiencing something, and not see it for what it is. This is common in our lives. We are so busy hoping, worrying, fussing and trying, that we are not aware of the opportunities that show up. What we are asking for can be right in front of us, and we do not see it. Why? We do not believe it, we have not made the inner connections to make it something we recognize.

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere and got there and not enjoyed it because you were worried about the money, or your business or worry an think about something else? You did not enjoy or fully experience where you are, did you? You were not present and allowing yourself to merge with the experience. Someone told me yesterday that they were stressed and so they cleared their schedule and planned an entire weekend for themselves, with no commitments. However, she was unable to enjoy it, her mind was busy fussing about other stuff and so it was almost as if she was not there!

Being fully present in the moment, in our bodies and in our feelings, is what the life experience is about. To fully experience something, and to see the opportunities, and the clues the universe is leaving for us to follow to our bliss, is what we are meant to be doing. Too many people are obsessed with do do do . Make things happen, worry, race, rush, get it done. Not in the meant and aware at all of what is really around them. The universe opens doors for you, but you may still see only walls… because you are not putting yourself into the energetic alignment with it. You are too busy wondering where it is, if it will show up and if you are good enough to deserve it.

Take some time to slow down. Get out of your busy mind. Feel you inner self. Tune in to your core center and see what your true desires are. Then calmly go through your day and look for what you have asked for. Expect to see opportunities… doorways all around you. Follow the feeling of peace, joy and effortlessness. It is your key to these doors!