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Look Forward

By March 12, 2009March 11th, 2019Blog

“Manifesting is a dance between experiencing the Now, & here-we-dance_title
looking forward to be able to enter the New” Nan Akasha

I love to discover how we manifest. The feelings, are delicious! There is a sensation to entering the newest energies of life that you have pulled to you. If you feel into your body, you will sense it, to me it is like fat wind, blowing softly over you. Like the sensation of moving at light speed, in slow motion. I love to b e aware when I am in or are completing a transition.

We can really move into our new energies and life experiences more quickly, and completely, when we are aware of the shifts in our energy patterns. I say ‘ live the luxury of an inner powered life”. I mean that it is luxurious, opulent, rich, delicious and Divine when you live form within and project out. You are impervious to the opinions of others. You leave the past behind. You enhance the empowering past and release the limiting past.

I have noticed that often we are not fully present in what is happening in our lives. We are focusing and feeding energy to past events, people who upset us, or even fears of what is coming next. When we focus on things outside of the now, we are either creating (projecting forward into our now future (GOOD) or losing energy to past. Past is draining, it does not exist in your reality anymore, and yet due to your feelings and attachments to these past hurts, anger, and injustices (perceived, all!) are taking your attention away form creating the new. Entering into a new reality, if you focus forward, you get there more quickly and completely.

Looking for what you want/ what makes you feel good, and intensifying it, like turning up the volume, merges you with the feelings of existing in that reality. Those feelings begin to become a part of you, the more you think, feel and visualize, you will move into it faster. Looking forward, assures you are always moving into who you are in your new Now. Being in the Now, you experience fully what you have manifested and enjoy. Yet, to move to new life experiences, like more money, a new love, a new house, we must always be looking forward and moving in to it.
Remember, what your current circumstances are, reflect what you were focusing on before now…in the past. You often feel happy with it and in some areas, not comfortable at all. That is inspiration to  move to the next thing you are interested in. You can do this when focusing forward into the sensations of  what you prefer to feel and do and have and Be now. So your focus should be this smooth, flowing dance between the Now and the New. Never the past, unless you are drawing on a joyful and empowering event .

Notice how much time you spend focusing on the Past versus the Now and the New. It will be revealing and tell you a lot about why you are or are not manifesting the reality you want .