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What is wealth?

By March 13, 2009March 11th, 2019Blog

What does wealth mean to you?

Wealth to me is money, yes, and so much more! We each get to define what wealth is to us. Our natural state is wealth. When we perceive there is no wealth in our lives, it is because we are not clear on what it is and who we are.

We are divine wealthy beings, here to live an abundant life. We are meant to be wealthy… in all areas of our life. Only we can choose to feel wealthy and notice our wealth, invite in more and accept it. If you are not experiencing wealth in your life, you do not feel you deserve it. You are not aware of it, or looking for it.

First you must define what wealth means to you. It is more than money, yet it most definitely includes money, Wealth includes a harmonious combination of all things you love and enjoy. Wealth is money, cash flow, income, investments, that come to you from multiple places and that you receive openly. Wealth is unexpected income, surprise gifts, coupons, discounts, deals and loans. Wealth is all forms of riches, like gold, silver, stocks and any other form of valuable item, even your house and paintings, art and things like stamp collections, that have value.

Wealth is love, joy, happiness, health, energy, clarity, focus. Wealth is friends and loved ones, adventurous experiences, opportunities for any and everything you decide you love. If you love to travel, and you receive a trip or an opportunity to go somewhere you love, that is wealth. If you want to do something and someone invites you to do it and pays for it, that is wealth. Wealth is receiving and giving gifts, compliments, love, caring and appreciation.

Wealth is a feeling, a state of mind. Wealth is the feeling if inner peace, excitement that your day is unfolding just as it should, people who are kind and helpful. Wealth is getting more or better than you expected. Wealth is even spending time enjoying your home and the things you have, the wonderful memories and people in your life. Wealth is you. Wealth is lifeforce, being alive, here and now. Wealth is all things that uplift, delight, empower and touch and inspire you. Wealth is an energy of love, expectation, appreciation and enjoyment. Fulfillment, satisfaction and inner peace. Wealth is your divine right, your natural state and it is only when you do not see it, feel worthy of it and open yourself to fully receive it, that you live in a state of ‘poverty’. Poverty is also a state of mine, a feeling and an attitude. Choose wealth, it is who you truly are.

Wealth means ease, and abundance with money. Consistent cash flow. Doing what I love. Wealth is servings others by being me and sharing my unique and special talents. . Wealth is my state of mind. Wealth is having my money muse as my ally, inspiration and guide. Wealth is a harmonious feeling, filled with fun, joy, inner peace and satisfaction. I am fulfilled in every way as I allow myself to live and enjoy my wealthy life.

Wealth is love, loving myself brings me more wealth. It is the gateway to true wealth and happiness. Wealth is being loved by others and enjoying my lovability.

Wealth is a healthy, flexible, energetic body that gets younger each day. Wealth is the feeling of cozy comfort.

Wealth is your natural state.You do not have to do anything to be worthy of wealth. You are worthy of wealth exactly as you am right now. You do not have to be anything anyone else thinks you need to be to have wealth. When you are BE-ing yourself wealth  flows to you. You allow wealth into your life experience when you are fully merged with your true nature. Wealth flows to you… receive it with appreciation and joy. Celebrate the wealth you have, the wealth that is coming to you, the wealth that is you.