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Where did the money go?

By March 18, 2009Blog

“A recession is simply a redistribution of wealth from the timid to the brave.” Paul Lemberg

As you know, I do not listen to the news and buy into the concept of a recession being bad. I loved this quote, because it reflects what I have been saying. Where did the money go? Well, I think it is a self fulfilling prophecy! Someone in the media reports “recession” and adds all their dramatic fear based exaggeration. The next thing you know, people are not going out, not spending money and are sitting at home terrified.The result is businesses are slow and then the trickle effect goes all down the line.

Well, the money did not disappear. It is like energy, it just changes form, but it never dissolves. I know stocks have gone down and I know it feels very real to people, like clients of mine, who have watched their stocks go to less then half what they were ‘worth’. Remember, stocks are air. The value is only a concept and it is subject to the whims and fears of the companies and public. So in that arena, it did disappear, but if you realize, it never existed anyway, only on paper… unless you cashed out!

So, really think of this, the money is truly just being redistributed. Most really big fortunes were made in recessions. How? See with eyes of opportunity! Seriously. Everything is an opportunity! See solutions, help people solve their problems. Look for ways to help as many people as you can and you will find your own path to wealth. You create your wealth, not anything outside of you.

Money is energy. It has no  meaning. Really. All the meaning and emotions around money are what society, history, cultures and people have chosen to place on it and apply to it. Money means nothing in and of itself. So, if money is energy, and we know energy never dies, it just changes form and moves around, then we can see money does the same thing. The money is still available, we just have to look at the whole situation, from a new perspective.

First, decide not to buy into the panic, no matter what you see happening, even to you. Panic, fear, desperation… it is all a major waste of energy. Not to mention it poisons your body… literally! It does not help you or anyone in any way. So take that seriously. You will only see and receive the opportunities if you stay in a positive place. Sounds silly and simple, but it is scientifically proven truth, no matter what you think.

Next think about what you want; a new job, more clients, multiple streams of income… Use your mind to simulate the vision or idea.

Now drop your awareness down into your heart, yes heart. Your heart is 5000x more powerful magnetically than your brain, so if you really want to make something happen and broadcast it far and wide, then do it thru your heart! Mere the idea/vision in your mind with the emotion and it will create a powerful feeling in your heart. That feeling is what creates your life, every day, all day.

Stay in the feeling as detailed as you can and feel your heart sending that signal out. It actually changes the literal, physical structure of your cells, the atoms and space in and around you. As it goes out, it is rearranging the matter to create what you are asking for. Manifestation!

So… you don’t believe? Well, there is the reason you are experiencing a recession as a bad thing! Beliefs are feelings we chose and gave more power to that lives within us. They structure what you see, and experience. They frame your whole life. So choosing to believe that the money is gone and you will not have it or you can’t understand how you will get any…this is where the funnel is blocked. For everyone, not just you and me.

So where did the money go? Well it went to the people who still feel good, believe they can and are thriving and who appreciate and honor money. There is plenty for everyone, so why not be one of those who see the money too?