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Spend and end the recession

By March 27, 2009Blog

Doesn’t anyone see that this is a self fulfilling prophecy? I am continually amazed at how people are standing still, not spending, not going out, not starting their businesses… frozen in fear that the economy is going to attack them. If everyone gets scared and stays home and does not buy anything, it make it all worse, it makes the recession talk come true. You do not have to believe what they say. You can go about your life and keep the money flowing. When everyone sells their stocks it makes the price drop, When everyone pulls their money from a bank because they heard a rumor of it crashing, it crashes. When everyone stops spending money, prices go up, businesses close and people actually experience a recession.
So why would you want to fulfill that prophecy? I have said this before, I do not believe in it, listen to it or buy into it. I see opportunity and growth, change for the better. I am keeping the flow moving, and supporting the businesses I love. This makes the flow happen, and it also keeps the flow going in my life. Wealth has to move and flow, money likes to move and create. If I spend money on the things I love, it blesses me and the person who I paid. Then they feel good and secure and prosperous and they spend and do on and soon we are all flowing and growing. When everyone stands still, money gets antsy. You cannot receive unless you are giving , there is a cycle and if you want it to flow to you, get it flowing.
You know what you can spend and still be responsible for rent and necessities. Choose to give, to spend and to create movement in the economy. If we do not get out there and feel confident, support each there and start the flow, we get stuck. Don’t see the fear, feel the flow and choose where to oil the joints of your local economy with your money. No matter what you have, you can make a difference right now. Prove to yourself and others that recession is a choice and you are choosing flow and prosperity.