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Blessings of richness, abundance, and beauty

By April 12, 2009Blog

Blessing to you on this day of celebration. People have been celebrating this time of year with festivals and celebrations for thousands of years. Celebrating Spring, fertility, the renewing of life and more have a bright, joyful and abundant feel. Spring feels full of hope, promise, life, love and beauty. No matter what your beliefs in terms of religion, faith or philosophies, this time of year if full of promise. I love the air, and the wildflowers and the fresh feeling.

Here in the hill country of Texas we have so many beautiful wildflowers. The princess of them all is the bluebonnet. It is the state flower and grows wild on the sides of the road all over, People stop to take pictures on the side of the road. One tradition is to take pictures of your kids in the bluebonnets. I used to do it every year when my girls were young. They are so beautiful and this year, in my new home in Austin, in the heart of the hilly hill country, there are more than I have ever seen!

I just wanted to wish every one a wonderful holiday and send you abundant blessings. Tune in to the richness, abundance, and beauty. Feel the fertile ground within you and let the new ideas, creativity and wealth flow from you!