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Happy money appreciation day!

By May 5, 2009March 11th, 2019Blog
Wow, fun, I love to appreciate things in my life that add value, lift me up, makes things possible, bless those hands-holding-money-fanned-out1
I share with and give me opportunities to experience life in new ways! Money is certainly something that does that!
So here is a way to enjoy this day of appreciation and increase your attractiveness  quotient at the same time!
Have you defined wealth for yourself? Once you define what that means to you, and you do it from within, not from your mind that is plugged in to the rest of the worlds thoughts and beliefs, you activate something powerful. It is like throwing the switch on your magnetic pole… all molecules of substance begin to morph into your desires.
  1. Define wealth
  2. See yourself enjoying it in your mind
  3. Feel how you will feel when it is here
  4. Fill your heart with gratitude and excitement of  being wealthy
  5. beam this out to the world at every available moment
  6. Celebrate Money… notice all the things you can do because of it and all you desire to do happening because you are so appreciative of  Money that is wants to run to you!

A statement of limitless potential for you, repeat:

“I enjoy my deep sense of gratitude swelling my heart, filling with riches the Universe pours out to me. I open to receive the bounty that is within me and that is pouring into my life now.” Thank you Thank you Thank you
So celebrate money appreciation day, thank money, ask for money, share money…
Have a happy, grateful, day filled with cash rushign your way! Feel it…invite it, and open yourself to receive it!
OH and Happy Cinco de Mayo!!