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Thank You!

By May 7, 2009March 11th, 2019Blog

I sent this to my list, and I wanted to share it with you all as well! Also please note: The Law of attraction lies and truths class was rescheduled for May 20th! So you can still join! I have had a lot of emails form people who thought they missed it. So you can still join, go to or to transform your life classes and sign up! Thank you to all who sent their well wishes, I am fine and I am handling the challenge that came up! thanks1

I wanted to thank you. I know everyone is so very busy. I know most people are very scared and stressed over the economy and Money. I know we all have ups and downs, have kids and others who need us, have to keep up with our lives…

So I know how precious your time and energy is. I know how much you have to juggle and I so appreciate that you have included me in your life! I know not everyone can read all emails, blogs and attend all calls and classes. So I want to let you know how deeply grateful we have found each other and that I add value to your life.

You are as important as anyone else out there and I honor you! Please know I am sending you blessings and gratitude and I always will.

If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I want to know I am addressing your greatest needs and uplifting you in the best way possible.
Have a wondeful rest of the week, enjoy your life and value those in it who lift you up and make the best possible!

Love, Nan


  • Leah says:

    Since I have been utilizing various methods of the laws of abundance, and checking out the various web-seminars, I am finding my ability to identify my goals to be much easier. Not only am I grateful for this, but realize too that it is very important for me to review the methods taught every few months to make sure I am on track with my thoughts.

    What’s truly interesting, as I have been working on using these methods for several years, I recently had to re-declutter my artist’s studio, only to find a list I had created of things I wanted to have happen and achieve in my life. I noticed that the list was two years old, AND everything on this list had been achieved… from going back to school, to getting a new computer, to writing for websites, to having more clients, etc. – the list goes on.

    These methods described by all the participating coaches here and at Layers of Health really do work. Have that faith to know that they do – visualize your goals of them already being here and become grateful they are already in your life.

    Thank you – I so look forward to learning more and in sharing what has been taught to others who need to see the light. That light which has already been there in the past and will always be there for us in the future.

  • marvy says:

    hi,i’m marvy casha i am from malta and i’m 39 years first of all i would like to thank you for your nice words that you wrote i really liked that.I wish you to help me because i don’t know for example if a person had a very hard life if it is good to talk about it.

  • Ana Marija says:

    Thank You for all abundance You share with us!

  • Marilú Rosales says:

    Me gusta la información que recibo, pero aun no tengo, la pareja, la casa, y la libertad económica que deseo, he trabajado con la visualización, pero me gustaría saber más sobre la ley de atracción y como aplicarla mejor en mi vida.

    Por favor pido, que si me pueden enviar la información en español.


    Cariño Marilú Rosales

  • Marilú Rosales ha dicho:
    Su comentario está esperando moderación.

    31 de diciembre 2010 a las 11:06
    Me gusta la de información Que Recibo, Aun Pero no tengo, la Pareja, la casa, y la Libertad Deseo Que Económica, él trabajado Con la visualización, Pero me gustaria sable Más sobre La Ley de Atracción y de como aplicarla Mejor en mi vida.

    Por favor pido, Que si me pueden Enviar la de información en español.


    Cariño Marilú Rosales

  • June C says:

    I to let you know I appreciate your welcome and your genuineness. I also appreciate all that you do to assist us in our mission to create wealth. Your telesummitt of wealthy women is just the best…Ithank Natalie of Mind Movies for bringing our worlds together and John Assaraf for bringing Natalie. You all are the absolutely the best and I so appreciate you all….much more of everything!

  • Keasha says:

    Hi, my name is Keasha and im really trying to make something of myself at an early age you know im a young teen and I just want to make some kind oof reality show for teens so that we can have a better shot at life and stay out of trouble I think it would be really great for me and some of the teens that stay in my town! so if you could help I would really appreciate it!


  • ashraf says:

    hai nan aksha you helping poor people is make reach people i apresheat you

  • Lena says:

    All the best, Nan!

    Thank you.

  • Tina says:

    Hi, I’m really a mess, not sure where to start. I did the law of attraction thing once with Bob Proctor, didn’t seem to work very well, I spent lots of $’s too! But, I also remember you sending me emails for a very long time and my reading them and finding very good material therein. Just didn’t get real involved due to prior obligations. Those are now gone. I should have more time to contribute, and get the full effect from you and what you have to offer. Looking forward to all. Thanks, Tina