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Mom’s Heart Celebration Meditation

By May 10, 2009March 11th, 2019Blog
It’s mother’s day, and, as a mom, I decided yesterday  to celebrate myself!
So if you are a mom, or you love someone who is a mom, celebrate! Below I have given you a powerful meditation to celebrate yourself.
I feel that mom’s are under appreciated, and not just by others, but most by themselves. So today I want to tell all mom’s to Celebrate Yourself!
  • Do whatever YOU want, all day
  • Eat Cake for breakfast! (my twin girls Emily and Sierra, made me a cake and I ate it for breakfast)
  • DO NOT DO DISHES OR CLEAN (really, I mean it!!)
  • Take a nap
  • Read, listen to music you like, relax……
  • Meditate and think about what a wonderful mom you are, all the love you have given your kids, every hug, every smile, bask in the love and beauty of being a mom and love yourself for
  • Tell yourself, while looking into your own eyes in the mirror, “I Love You”
  • Forgive yourself
  • Forgive your kids
  • Let go
  • Laugh
  • Be Yourself (not just today, decide to BE you , no matter what!)
  • Embrace the journey
My Gift to You… please bless yourself!
Mom Heart Celebration Meditation
Choose to heal and open your heart, take at least 10 minutes today, or more :), and focus on your heart.
Get comfortable sitting or laying down, play soft music if you like and close your eyes…
Let a waterfall of light and energy, any color that comes to you, pour down over and through you, relaxing you and let all tension in your body and mind flow out of  you…
Think of all the things you really love about your kids. Things you have done together, times you relish, really immerse yourself in all the fun, love, connection and wonder of being a mom. (No sad or negative thoughts allowed.)
Be aware of how you feel, how your body feels, notice how your energy rises, you feel good all over. Keep focusing on this wonderful feeling and let it run through all your cells and now each cell is having a party it feels so good.
Spread the joyful, loving feelings to your mind, bath your mind in it, spread it to your emotional body, let it be dipped in the love and happiness and feel it soothing and refreshing you. allow the feeling take on a special ight and color and watch, in your minds eye, it flow all through your body, rejuvenating all your organs and tissues.
See and feel your cells celebrating the rich feelings…
Expand the feelings out into your energy body and out as far as your essence goes, miles!
Focus on your heart and fill it with the love and peace you are feeling. Imagine it expanding your heart out and out until you are encompassed within your heart. Feel what it is like to be embraced by your own heart… feel the divine coursing through you, from you, round and round in a beautiful infinity symbol, blending, clearing, cleansing, healing, releasing, soothing, loving, uplifting
Feel the immense love in your heart… you are now, being inside your own heart, the core center of your heart…. you are the Source of your heart, your love… your life force…
It is you… Be this beauty, claim this strength, this power, BE you and see how strong the signal you put out.
From you, at the center of your heart, you are pulsing out a frequency… your vibration is being broadcast out in all directions through your heart.
Your heart is the the generator of your reality… you are now the center of that projector….and you are pulsing out this gigantic feeling of love, joy, appreciation and wonder…
You are the Love from your heart…. BE in it and soak it in!
Start the party! Imagine every part of you having a party, to celebrate you! You celebrating you! Appreciating you! Loving, cherishing, respecting, honoring you!
Let all of you celebrate, a big smile within you!
Bask in it, open your soul and let in all the love and appreciation.
Now join the party! Celebrate yourself, from the core part of you!
A few minutes before you end your meditation, begin to focus on how deeply you appreciate feeling this way, feel gratitude for yourself, your kids, your body, mind, and expand the feelings of appreciation out into the world and then
Come back to your body and stretch, and smile and think ‘I am a fantastic mom!”.
Enjoy your day and  share the celebration!
“Always believe in your soul cause you are Gold!” Spandau Ballet
Nan                   All You Need is Love!!


  • monica ryan says:

    wonderful meditation! Thank you for sharing! xxx

  • Kathryn says:

    I shared this celebration meditation with my laughter yoga group for Internationl Women’s Week.
    Just lovely
    Laughter blessings