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Law of attraction & Joe Vitale

By May 22, 2009March 11th, 2019Blog

This week has been about Law of Attraction and love. The “Law of Attraction: Lies and Truths” class got rave reviews, and you can get the audio class right now for only $25.97… a full 2 hours and 20 minutes plus a printable chart of the 7 most common lies about law of attraction. See what one class participant said:
“Hi Nan- I hope you are doing great.I wanted to let you know how talented you are.  What a fantastic class you put on last night.I wrote down pages and pages of new information for me which I want to remember and use. You have a great ability to communicate.  I will study and listen to all of your tapes.Once I get some positive results – which I am visualizing and expecting with gratitude – I will give you a ton of referrals of People I know who would be receptive to this information and would also benefit from it. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you know to help you.Thank you for all of your great work. Your Friend, M.R.”
So to end the week, I wanted to share some wonderful insights on law of attraction, and money, from Joe Vitale. Joe is the author of “The Attractor Factor”, “Expect Miracles” (of which I am a contributing author!) and was in the movie “The Secret”. I know Joe and he is living proof of law of attraction. I have had the pleasure of being at several of his workshops and been to his house a few times. He lives with intent daily. This is sooo key! I wanted to add,  I have found over and over from coaching people. Many people desire change with their happiness, wealth, health … yet not many people do something daily! Daily action is required. Meditating, visualizing your goals as complete and true now, asking for what you want, looking for your opportunities….
If you are doing ANYTHING to create your reality with purpose, then increase how often you are doing it. Now. This is what will optimize your success. Enjoy Joe’s tips and have a wealth, wonderful weekend!

Joe Vitale’s Tips
1) The Law of Attraction is a LAW, not a feel good principle but a LAW.  It is absolute.

2) One of the most insidious beliefs that people have about money is that “Money is the Root of all Evil”. But
this is not true. The lack of money is the root of all evil.
Wealthy people don’t love money. They certainly appreciate money, but what they really value is FREEDOM. Money is nothing but paper and coin and we PROJECT meaning into it.

3) The secret to attracting money is to GET RID OF our subconscious limiting and negative beliefs. What we need to see money for what it is – a symbol

of freedom and a spiritual tool to live out your life’s purpose.

4) “Money likes speed” is one of Joe’s maxims and so does the Universe.  You have to take action on the ideas that come to you. Your job is to be a partner
to the universe and take action on that idea. Most people automatically go into reasons why they can’t do it (don’t have time, will do it later, etc.) That is an example of not being grateful for what ideas the universe is presenting to you.

5) Where do you start? You start right where you are now. The missing link is to take action. The word “act” is in the law of attraction. It’s  a partnership.

6) If you want to make a difference in the world, then become wealthy! Because this is the way that you can choose where you contribute.

7) When you begin to love yourself, the world opens up. One of the single greatest blocks to money, is this feeling that we don’t deserve it. This unconscious belief needs to be addressed. If there is any lack in your life, it has to do with some lack of unforgiveness of yourself.

8) So how do you get rid of the beliefs? That’s the million dollar question and this is where his clearing techniques are. He gave us three techniques.  In his programs and books he details many more.

1. Become aware of the issue. Ask yourself the question: What sorts of beliefs would a person like me have to have in order to have the life I have? The meaning you give an event is the belief that attracted it. Notice the things that come to mind. These are the unconscious beliefs that are attracting those situations. There is
a belief that is attracting exactly what you have in your life. Everything you have in the outer world is a mirror of what’s in your unconscious mind.

2. Ask questions about the belief, and follow the thread of your beliefs and the credibility you give them. Ask the question, is that really true?

3 If you have a re-occuring problem, it is a problem seeking resolution; an old belief seeking a release.

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  • Michelle says:

    These tips are really great. Not only because they are clearly explained but is practical. It’s like the text are speaking directly to the reader. Great post, Nan!