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Install a wealthy mindset

By June 11, 2009March 11th, 2019Blog

WOW! It was awesome! My mind is so expanded and buzzing with Wealth Vibes! Today on my free weekly Intend Global Healing call we cleansed our minds and the global mind and installed a wealthy mindset. You may listen here. It is about one hour and is very powerful. If you want to cleanse, clear and release all the thoughts, beliefs and thought patterns that no longer support you in creating, attractinwoman-with-money-all-aroundg and receiving wealth, this is for you! All you need is to be ready, willing, open and receptive and you are on your way! Enjoy!

Here is a wealth vibration statement we install in the healing and you may want to copy it, print it and read it frequently!

“I am wealthy. I have a wealthy mind. I have a wealthy mindset.
My mind knows to find the opportunities that bring wealth to me through ease, joy and love.
I AM fully aware and present in the moment to embrace those opportunities, to see and know and feel those opportunities.
I take a step forward fully trusting and knowing that I AM deserving, I AM beautiful, that  I have so much to offer.
I am a wealthy being. I AM a wealthy ________ (woman, man, business person, mother…). I AM wealthy now and here.
I claim my wealth. I state myself as a wealthy Person of the Universe.

I AM a wealthy citizen of a wealthy global community, on a wealthy world, in a wealthy Universe.
Wealth is everywhere. Wealth is everywhere I look. There is more than enough wealth for everyone.
My desire, my ability and my willingness to open to, claim and receive my wealth now, expands the ability for all others to do the same.
I can help more people by being wealthy myself and embracing my own natural wealthy vibration, then by anything else that I do.
So I claim that now, for myself and for everyone.
I AM wealthy.”

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  • brad morris says:

    Great affirmations/vibration statements in there. I’m all in favor of anything that can put people on the track to a pro-wealth mindset and I think these definitely meet that criteria. Keep ’em coming.