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Trust me…It’s your lucky day!

By July 22, 2009March 11th, 2019Blog
YES… this is for you! It’s your lucky day… already you have gotten great news and all you had to do was open a blog!
Imagine if you believed everything in your life presented itself because it was a great opportunity to you. And you Trusted this… you believed it with all your excited-employersbeing. Because your family believed it, your town and Country believed it… so you had never seen anyone doubt. You did not understand doubt, you simply knew when you had the desire for more Money, or a new love relationship, you did certain things to convey that clearly to the Universe and to yourself. Once you communicated it clearly you simply went about your days  with absolute certainty that your Money was on it’s way.
You expected it to come, so you went about preparing for it to arrive, getting all the necessary people, resources, skills needed so when it comes you can receive it with ease and grace. Your expectation would put you in a state of happiness, anticipation, and receptivity. You would look for it with joy, never doubting it was about to come, and enjoy your life.  And you would Claim with with great enthusiasm and feel fulfilled!

This is what life is like when you Trust. Trust is really Trust in yourself. You are living your life, your reality, so you are completely responsible for everything in it. This is the gate to freedom. Claiming your power as creator of your reality and not giving your power to anything outside of you. You are God/Universe/Divine expressing through you to get to experience the best of everything in as many different ways as possible. Trust means following what is best for you, first, then giving to others from a more powerful place. Trust is moving forward with full faith you always get what you desire and you are co creating how it comes to you. Trust means not wasting your time and energy on doubt, anxiety, “what if’s” and plan B. Trust means choosing where you put your energy so  you will be in the best place in each moment, able to fully experience your life. Trust is inner peace, total gratitude, focused purpose and self esteem.

The Intend Global Healing call this week will be on healing trust issues. Please join us, the info for the call and the replay are here below. It’s free.

EVENT:  Intend Global Healing Call
To here the replay free till July 25th midnight  CLICK THIS LINK NOW…

If you feel like you are just ripe and ready for an HUGE opportunity, send me an email, your lucky day IS here!

Statement of Limitless Potential
” I Trust myself, knowing I am worthy of all the good & wealth life has to offer! I Trust my needs and desires are always fulfilled and I anticipate them with great joy! I Trust and all doors open to me!”