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How to attract like minded customers FREE CALL

By August 29, 2009March 10th, 2019Blog
I am having a FREE call Saturday at 1pm Eastern/ 10 am Pacific on “How to Succeed” defining-it-project-success
What is it about… well frankly from my coaching, teaching and now assisting my new team joy members I have realized there are some very important components on how to succeed that we all can learn or remember!
I am excited to help the members of my team who have joined me in this network marketing launch with Zrii, a product and company endorsed by Deepak Chopra. This business has so many amazing advantages for anyone who desires to work for themselves, create another stream of income and have freedom of time.
I want to help my team, and anyone else who is starting, growing and attracting clients to a business.
I will talk about:
  1. How to create your Own Economy & the new Zrii opportunity & the advantages to you at this time
  2. How to attract like minded customers
  3. How to not take it personally when others are not interested in what you offer
  4. How to present your service, product and opportunity with confidence
  5. How to get past the fear of rejection
  6. How to move fast and build wealth
  7. How to identify the ideal markets for you
  8. Learn to present your offer with ease
  9. How to move fast and build income
  10. How to not take anything personally
  11. How to have joy with your ‘work’
  12. How to succeed

Please join me!

Noon central
Phone # to Dial: 210-515-4837         |        Use Conf ID:  818690#
Backup #: 615-932-5997
Look forward to seeing you Saturday and helping you succeed in anything you choose!