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The Next Wave in Manifesting Starts today (FREE!)

By September 7, 2009May 21st, 2020Blog

I wanted to remind you that The Next Wave: Manifesting in the 4th Dimension FR*EE – Live event starts today with Heather Picken.heatherheadshotnewusethis

You owe it to yourself to break free from your past stories that have been keeping you stuck and step into the next wave of change that will allow you to raise your vibration and attract infinite abundance.

Join Heather tonight for a special preview call on Quantum Shifting!!!
(details available when you register…LIMITED REGISTRATION

Secure your spot now by going to:

This 3 day event is packed with interactive classes and that will give you the tools, techniques and methods with over 20 speakers in various fields of money and business attraction, emotional release tools, hypnosis, energy work, healing, and spiritual enlightenment.

Join FR*EE Now At:==>  Next Wave: Manifesting in the 4th Dimension

If you miss any of the live broadcasts, or if you want copies to listen to
and share over and over, you can order yourself a downloadable version of the entire series along with some amazing bonus gifts!

Enjoy your shift! See you Thursday for my talk, and join the other fabulous ladies! Read more about who is speaking here.
Happy Holiday!
Nan Akasha, CHT

PS The new Ho’ oponopono Essence is ready! Read about it and get yours at the special price now