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Move forward with Confidence

By September 22, 2009March 10th, 2019Blog

“Move forward with confidence, and direction. Follow inspiration, act from excellence, and all things will unfold before you!”

Nan Akasha sedaon-rocks-framed-by-vine

What really creates success? You deciding. You moving forward despite what you think you know or don’t know. You continuing to open to inspiration. You acting on inspiration and taking action despite fear or rejection. Being willing to ‘Fail’ until you succeed. Success is inevitable. It is waiting for you, it takes persistence, determine to go until you reach it, and let nothing stop you. Choose excellence and let it out from within you. You are excellent at ANYTHING you decide to do.

Keep faith in yourself, strengthen your vision and do 5 things every day to move towards your success…then let it unfold before you!

*Photos of Sedona by Chris Sherrod see more at his Flickr account: