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Special 11/11 events & Incredible health

By October 31, 2009March 15th, 2019Blog
I am so excited about 11/11… November 11th. A very special energy will be present and I have 2 special things for you. I will be doing a very special Global Healing AND the 90 day Ayurvedic Weight Management for life starts! (You can join the program anytime, ask me how 512 772 3554)
11/11 is about opening doors to new dimensions, a new life, and new level of energy and opening to guidance that leads you to your true self. Come open to a new you on many dimensions!
So if you are interested in getting in on that F*REE program, call me today and get your Nutriiveda! It’s going to be so much fun… hypnosis to change your swelf image and incredible health and energy…
In fact since I began taking these top quality nutritional products formulated and endorsed by the famous doctor you see on Larry King all the time, Deepak Chopra, my life has transformed! Less stress, I sleep better and lost 15 lbs so far.
However after listening in on this call, I am continually amazed of all the different health benefits these products provide, it’s truly amazing. I’m overflowing with excitement but rather than rambling on and writing an email as long as a book, I’ll just let you listen to the call.
Just click on the attachment and listen to it, it’s very short… then call me as soon as you finish I have something very important to tell you that’s not talked about on the call.
Here’s my number 512 772 3554

or download here

Happy Halloween!
Love, Nan
PS Did you get the f/r/e/e gift I sent out today? Here is the link in case you missed it: Get more Self-Confidence!
Image by   By Morada
Tree of Life by Teka Luttrel