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Whatever you need, you do not have

By November 6, 2009March 10th, 2019Blog

I have been manifesting at levels and speeds that are stunning… and fun! I highly encourage you to decide that NOTHING is worth taking your mind and your 1038836_meditatefocus off of what you truly desire. Put yourself and your dreams first always in and all ways. This is not selfish, in the way you think of it, this is empowering to you and the world. This makes you more authentic, joyful, wealthy and powerful and able to help others. There is nothing that comes before your inner knowing of who you are and expressing that. Yes it takes courage, strength and the ability to stay focused, but it is SO worth it!

I am heading off to my speaking gig on a cruise, and I could not be more thrilled. I made 4* in Zrii, the new company I joined 2 months ago, also am amazing accomplishment. My pain is in the past, my joy is pouring towards me and my ability to focus with total faith, joy, belief and EXPECTATION is a fabulous place to be. I wanted to share this below from the Daily Motivator. Enjoy, and let go of needing anythign, just BE who you are and let the Universe unfold before you…literally!

Whatever you need, you do not have. Take your focus off needing, and start doing, start creating, start being what you seek.

Don’t waste your time and energy languishing in a state of need. The moment you have the thought to add something to your life or your world, get busy making it happen.

Skip the need and go straight to the achievement. Dive into the effort, and keep making the effort until your objective is reached.

Instead of constantly thinking that you need something, experience yourself achieving it. Instead of dwelling in excuses and lamentations, celebrate positive and valuable results.

There is nothing that you need to need. That’s because you are fully capable of setting goals and of finding effective ways to reach them.

So get busy, get going and express life’s grand abundance in your own very special way.

Ralph Marston