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By February 15, 2010March 10th, 2019Blog

Love is
Do You feel it?
Love is here
Do You see it?
Love is everywhere
Do You believe it?

The day to celebrate love, is today.
Whether your Valentines Day was filled with love, romance, gifts
and kisses, or you were all alone…

Celebrate Love.

The day to Accept that Love is yours, and can be right now, is today.

Love is within you, right now. It is endless and abundant. Love is you.

So if you feel alone, or separate from love, STOP right now…

focus inside, feel your heart beating….

Love is circulating in every cell and avenue of your body,

love is  pulsing through your emotions and mind,

love is pouring over you, holding you, breathing you….

Love is you. Love is within you, it is your essence, your energy, your vibration.

Love is who you are.

You are, in fact, never with out love.

All you need to change, to feel, experience and enjoy all the love you desire, is to

STOP and breathe, and BE LOVE.

You only need to accept you are love, believe you are love, and claim love.

Yes. It is true. DO it now. Claim Love as your dominant feeling, experience, and thought.

When you BE… BEcome that which you desire, you attract it, you see it, you feel it, you grow it.

So BE the Love you want, and it is yours.

Reveal the Love to yourself, then share it with the world. Let it grow…

Happy Valentine’s Day…. which to me, means

“I love you… I Love me… I accept Love for us both, now”