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Spiritual Money Attraction News: What the White Tigers told me

By June 14, 2010May 18th, 2018Blog

What the White Tigers Told Me

Years ago I was a Docent (trained working volunteer) at the Albuquerque Zoo. I love animals and they were my first guides into a deeper spiritual connection. I was a healer specializing in animals and animal communication. At the time however, I was not yet to a more expanded view of the Universe and how source worked and I still felt sadness and pain about the way animals are treated. Many things would bring my energy down, like seeing the animals in cages at the zoo, and the destruction of the rain forest and so on.

So I would go to this gorgeous Zoo with beautiful grounds and rejoice in being near these beautiful beings and being able to get behind the scenes with so many animals. I even walked Alpaca’s for kids to pet. However, I carried a sadness within me and whenever I looked at the animals in their cages or environments, I would feel pity.

I love cats, of all sizes, and my favorite were the incredible white tigers. I spent every week watching them in their large space playing, sleeping, swimming. I wished I could be in there with them, kiss their noses and pet them… One day I was deep in thought watching them. I was thinking how sad it was such huge powerful creatures were enclosed, how mean people are and how powerless they must feel. I was lost in pity and victim energy and was startled out of my own inner world with a sudden voice!

“Please stop that!” said the voice…. “What…?” I thought as I sat up startled.
It was the White tigers! They began to talk to me and they said ”
Please stop pitying us! We really don’t appreciate you pouring all that powerless energy all over us.
It does not help and really is not honoring us in any way.”

Wow! Next they said

“If you really want to help us, or anyone, sending them pity, seeing them as a victim
and powerless is the exact opposite of what helps. That never uplifts, empowers and
assists anyone or any situation. If you really want to help then see us as conscious
beings who have chosen our lives same as you. Honor us by sending love, gratitude
and appreciation for our choices. Send us strength, and believe we know what
we are doing and send us love and compassion to take our purpose to the heights we intend.
We choose to be here to share ourselves with people. We want people to see us,
know us, just like all the animals here, so that we can create a new connection
and understanding. Our mission will change the way we interact and how we
share the Earth. Help us spread that message and send us love. “

I wanted to share that message with you, because it was a profound catalyst for me to shift the way I see things in the world. I now empower and inspire, uplift and honor. I no longer pity, join anyone in feeling sorry for themselves or licking their wounds. I know, at a Divine level that these self defeating energies and attitudes do not support anyone in creating the life they desire or joy or wealth. I no longer see any situation as ‘terrible” or  “tragic”.  When you truly access this higher level of understanding, you get that

  • we are all one
  • we are all conscious, powerful creators
  • we all have free will to choose our experiences and power to change them
  • no one is a victim (Yep, I know… tons of you are right now saying, ‘but what about….the children, the victims of this, that….” even them! EVERYONE is creating their lives!
  • Every situation anyone is in is from THEIR choosing and not from anyone doing anything to them no matter how it appears
  • You can only help by holding people, animals, situations, in the light… in a place of seeing them ALREADY healed, ALREADY powerful, ALREADY loved…. this is how you create change, create the world you want, NOT THRU PITY!
  • All is Divine, from Source and is an illusion anyway

I know many people still drain their energy and focus by being sad, upset and overwhelmed by seeing violence, natural disaster and things like the recent oil spill. I have learned to go to a higher perspective and know that I am a part of Divine Source energy. I tap into the bigger picture and the knowing that ALL is Divine, ALL is spiritual and ALL is right. I release my judgment of the situation and TRUST that God/Source, Divine is in everything.

I support you in doing this. Master your Mind and you will change your reality, your inner peace, joy and and free yourself from the shackles of this low vibration energy .

Also remember to apply this to yourself! Hmmm.. good one eh? Yes, I will write more on that later this week. Stop self pity and feeling sorry for yourself… you do the same to yourself when you do this! You do not help, you do not empower, you only drain your energy. AND because you BELIEVE you are a victim of circumstance, or of what someone else has done to you, guess what, that is what you experience. Now how do you get out of that and create a life of joy and abundance? Stay tuned!

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  • Diane Phillips says:

    Thank you for the messages of the White Tigers. I have one as my guide and it is helpful to be reminded of what truly matters. Namaste and blessings!

  • YOLEIDA says:

    Thank you, the message is beautiful

  • Anita says:

    Thank you Nan,

    As always, this comes at the perfect time!

  • Hello from Montana,
    I enjoyed the message. We were just discussing yesterday how to show love and compassion for those affected by the disasters and shifts felt around the world.

    Peace and prosperity to you and yours.

    Judy Helm Wright

  • Linda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience. You express the truth so well. I hope more people learn they can change their beliefs, which will change their futures.