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Have a Double Rainbow Day!

By July 16, 2010Blog

There is nothing like someone who is genuinely experiencing a profound moment. Here is a video for you to enjoy, I have 2 versions. The first one is the original and the second (which makes me cry) has the Rainbow song over it, beautiful.

We now have a new saying in our house, “Have a Double Rainbow Day” or ‘That was a double rainbow experience!”. What we mean, which you will see once you listen, is a joyful, spiritual, expansive and totally appreciative in the month experience. So I wish you a Double rainbow day!
Let yourself go and deeply connect to the spiritual experience this man is having, and join him! I love you!

Here is the version I love, with the Rainbow song by Kermit, enjoy!

One Comment

  • Kathie Jackson says:

    Oh my Great God Our Creator. Thank you so much for sharing your wondrous treasures. Thank you for Blessing one your children God for living here, now in this time, in this moment. As I watched in awe, chills ran up my arms & I tingled with love & joy . I was right there with you. God Bless you so much for sharing this with the Universe. This the Greatest treasures of God, Love & being one with the universe. You my friend I will call “The Rainbow Vision Trekker” Love, Light & Rainbows,
    Kathie Jackson