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Year end Blessing for 2010

By December 27, 2010March 24th, 2022Blog

Celebrate the past year
be thankful for all the good time
be thankful for all the challenges
all that you have learned is in perfect harmony
release this year with grace and gratitude
what have you gained?
what have you transformed?
who have you welcomed in to your life?
thank you 2010
I love my life
I am so grateful for all I have
celebrate the joy of life
celebrate your life your gifts
Letting go of 2010

blessings and love, Nan


  • lisa says:

    thaank you so much!
    love, Lisa

  • Karen @ Pledging for Change says:

    I have battled hard over the last two years against those who do not believe in me or my vision. I chose to stay connected to myself for the sake of those that do. My life has changed because I now avoid negative influences as much as possible and only associate with those in allignment with my values and vision.

    Thankyou for the beautiful words of encouragement Nan… I’m not going to think about those that don’t or won’t… I will spend my energy on those DO and WILL.

    As you say I have no idea what each day will hold… it will unravel according to the plan
    I am so grateful fro the joy I now have…
    Happy New Year for 2011

  • Jermaine says:

    That was beautiful Nan! Thank You

  • Carol Brusegar says:

    Thanks, Nan! Wonderful!!

  • Christina says:

    Hi Nan,
    Another great video, thank you.
    I suggest the topic of Self-respect. This has come up in my life, again, and I am paying more attention. Topics come up as though I am on a spiral staircase walking upward. The same topics are out there but my view, so to speak, is different each time I step past the same or similar topic.

  • THANK YOU, Nan, for the blessing, for all the good you create and send out, and for gathering so many fabulous women to speak to us through your Enlightened Wealthy Women Tele-Summit. Much appreciated.