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Get Pissed!

By January 28, 2011May 21st, 2020Blog
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Did I hear Nan, the “live in the frequency of love” woman
say “Get pissed off!”?
Because it is time you lived the life your Soul Intended.
It’s time you stopped settling.
It’s time you stopped selling yourself short!
When we say “enough!” I am not going to take this anymore…
a powerful shift happens in our energy field. A powerful transformation
happens within us, and the Universe responds!
I want you to stand up for yourself, for your health, your happiness,
your wealth, your purpose… and stop letting ANYONE else
tell you what to do, who you are and if you are worthy!
Get pissed and tell yourself I am no longer living life small, from lack and in
ASK for what you want!
VALUE yourself!
DEMAND the love, respect, money and fun you deserve.
I am here to help! I still have a few coaching spots left, and I am on a mission
this year to create an outrageous wave of wealth consciousness.
I am on a rampage to take you into the “No excuses” zone and tap into
your Divine potential, Align with your riches in all areas and live from abundance,fulfilled and joyful!
Are you ready?
Join me!
Read more here or contact me directly for a one on one to find out
what is possible for you!
or email
I will help you get pissed and let the past go, and move into
the frequency of love and the vibration of wealth!
Let’s do it!

Love, Nan

PS What are you waiting for? Another boring, fear filled day, week, month, year?
How long are you going to waste being half of what you can Be,
having less then what you can have and living in lack?
Take action now, I will be there to take your hand and guide you…
that is priceless!

Nan Akasha, CHT Enlightened Wealth Coach, Creator of the Akasha Method:
A System for Living the Frequency of Love, Soul Alignment Guide
#1 Bestselling Author of “Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money
Mind”, Speaker, Radio host

Contributing author to Joe Vitale’s “Expect Miracles” &
The ‘Vibrant Women’s Wisdom’ Book


‘Magnetic Wealth’ on Law of Attraction radio network. nan-akasha.html