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Blessing for Love

By February 15, 2011March 24th, 2022Blog

Nan’s Blessing for LOVE

Love is in the air
Love is all around
Love is in you
Love is you

Open yourself to love
Open your heart
Open your mind
Open your capacity to deserve
You are loved
You are lovable
You are Loving

I Now GIVE Love Freely
I AM Worthy of Love
I See Love in everyone
I Feel love in all things

I AM Love
I Embrace and then Exude Love

Love is my nature
I Love Love
Love Love Love
Feel Love and you will see Love

Love does make the world go round
All you need is love
You are Already Love

I love you
pass it on

One Comment

  • Roda says:

    Hi Nan,
    Thank you for sending out your love ……I now send you mine. Will try and listen in on the 2 teleseminars.