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Ready to clear Money Guilt and Shame?

By February 16, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
Thought this was so powerful, you would want to know about it!money-100
My Magnetic Wealth Club Feb. audios are ready, and they are beyond powerful!
Truly transformative and in a way that is touches everything at some point:
Healing Mo.ney Guilt & Shame!
This is real core level stuff, clean the pan, no this is scrub the pan with a brillo pad!
Don’t think you have any guilt or shame around mo.ney?
I work with people all day around mo.ney, worthiness and Soul Purpose.
I have yet to meet anyone who does not still have issues with mo.ney!
It is all around us, in mass consciousness, news, families…
The #1 most powerful thing you can do is transform your BELIEFS!
For any area of life… more mo.ney, love, happiness…
Without doing this, all the hard work and will power in the
world will barely move you forward.
Joining the Magnetic Wealth Club is easy, it is a monthly program for
understanding and clearing limiting beliefs around wealth, mo.ney, worthiness
and more! VERY POWERFUL!
To read more or join now for only $27 a month, go to:
(You can cancel anytime, so get this month and see what you think!)
This is a powerful topic.. in fact, spirit guided me
to this topic because of the
serious amount of this energy still holding people
It is time, time to let all this
unserving energy go and embrace your Divine nature!
Deeply… and welcome the wealth into your current reality!
If you have ever felt:
…guilty are ashamed when you
– ask for money
– receive money
– want money
– need money
then this is important for you!
I am honored to do this work and to be connected to you!
Many blessings!
Love, Nan
Share the club, empower people, cure the #1 Dis-ease on the planet:
POVERTY and LACK Mentality!

If you are currently subscribed you need do nothing, as soon as your payment

renews, we will send them to you.
If you left the club and would like to come back, please do!
You can go here to join!