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Magnetic wealth affirmation from the spirit of money

By March 5, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
I had this beautiful inspiration from the Spirit of Money and wanted to share it with you.
I love working with my clients and creating personalized affirmations for them around their top goals and vision.
Here, however, The Spirit of Money gave me a great affirmation that any one can use and has real power!

Here it is, and below is how to use it:

“I now accept this as done and paid for, now now now.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”

How to use it:
When you decide you want something… you choose it and
intend to align with it so it becomes a reality in your life.
In order to help you get past the mindset of “how to do this”
or inner doubts about being able to afford something…
you can use this affirmation.
It bypasses your fears of ‘where will I get the money?” or
“I really want this but do not see how it can happen for me so
why bother to hope”

Example: You want to go to a seminar or teleclass, or hire a coach because you know this is the fastest way to success…
but at the moment you do not have the money and maybe even do not know how you will get it. You use this affirmation and insert your particular item. Then you write it and leave it where you will see it, read it aloud as often as possible and use the other techniques in my book.
What this does is bypasses all the ‘how’ doubts and opens a door to the Universe and your mind to bring you a way
for it to happen.
The path to making it happen, in any way, financially or some other creative way you might never think of….
Let the Universe and your mind be your ally in opening doors where you only see walls!!
Use it and enjoy!
Love, Nan
Wealth and Soul Coach
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