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How to unclog your money pipeline

By March 23, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
I had a wonderful, fascinating and amazing day. I was on coaching, Karma clearing and Soul reading calls with clients. One profound, deep and amazing session was followed by another and I felt like I was in a delicious altered state. Completely present in the moment, deeply connected to source and my clients, I watched blocks dissolve.
I see a very important point that gets glossed over: we have to unclog the pipeline at the receiving point!

The Universe delivers to us all we focus on and the BLOCK is at our end!! How good of a receiver are you? Do you feel worthy to have what you say you want?
Are you open and receptive to your money to come from anywhere, at anytime, from anyone?  Think about it and see, the block is within you….
because the Universe says yes!
Want to work with me too?
Today I did a Karmic Clearing session, Advanced Soul Reading and several coaching sessions. Everyone had a breakthrough… even me :).  Some released the past, created a Spiritual mastermind, some re wrote Karmic contracts, some re-energized and shifted emotional levels. One received a very dynamic message from his money muse on taking action.
It was amazing to be a part of these shifts. I am looking for people who want to shift now. Let go of the past, heal your money karma and more.
Now is the time and I have made an agreement with the Soul World to help channel high level shifts. Time to live the life your Soul Intended.
There is a way to do it, to get clear guidance and know what’s your next best step.
If you are ready to take yourself to the next level of Spiritual and Financial evolution, contact me!
Let’s unclog your pipeline of abundance!
Love, Nan
PS What is clear is that we must reverse engineer our manifesting and become evolved, excellent manifestors by starting with becoming better receivers!
I am ready to unclog your pipline and see you accept the wealth that is stored and ready for you!
Let’s talk and see what’s best for you!