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You have a pile of riches waiting for you right now

By April 14, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

Were you aware you have accumulated a PILE of RICHES over the length of your life? You have ‘veritable fortune’ waiting for you to claim it. In the new class, you can still join HERE ‘Your Rich Switch: 26 days to more money’ we will be addressing this… so you can finally let it in!

In alignment with this, I wanted to share this video from Abraham Hicks… affirming that indeed you have this “Vibrational Escrow” and when you join this step by step course, you will be unlocking what is keeping it from you!! Enjoy, and come join us for the class… the Spirit of Money asked me to let you pick what you pay!



  • Daniela says:

    Just wonderful reminder about where is our focus,lack or abundance- because you can attract what you do not want in life or attract what we want in life.The choice is ours to make.Just great uplifting information

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Thanks Daniela, and right now the energies are speeding up our manifestations … so notice as often as possible if you are seeing from an abundant mindset . Hugs!

  • Sandy Porter says:

    Oh WOW that was awsome! That goes along with Positive Thinking. Don’t use the word WANT… because you will stay with the always wanting and never getting it. So speak as like you already have it and say what you are going to do with it until it does become a reality. Is my comment anywhere near to the subject that was in the video?