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If you had me all to yourself for a day, what would you want to solve?

By May 23, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
I also was thinking of you… yes. I received so many emails asking if I will have a one on one special and how you might work with me more closely.
So I have a question… and if you would be so kind as to take a couple minutes and leave a comment on my blog letting me know your answer to this, I would so appreciate it!

“If you were to have me all to yourself for a one day intensive, what are the
three biggest challenges you’d want me to solve with you?”
Please leave your answer below!
Thanks so much!


  • Shelly says:

    Hi Nan!

    If I was to have you for a one day intensive, the three biggest challenges I would want you to help me solve would be:

    1.- Abundance blocks
    2.-Relationship blocks
    3.-Career, purpose

    Thank you so much Nan!!
    Blessings 🙂


  • Darla Guide says:

    I need to overcome a huge “blended family ” issue,husband with alcoholism and VERY negative where I cannot focus to change myself for the better and for my four children and have a much better life thats not full of anxiety and overwhelming stress.Last but NOT least,I want to become financially independant so if I decide to leave the marriage I can take care of myself and children…..I despretley need help.The blended family issue also involves my 16 yr old son who has aspergers syndrome.Very hard to deal with my life now.I want and NEED to change it around.Life is to short!!!!!!

  • Kami says:

    Hello Nan,

    I would love a day with you to resolve the following:

    1. Financial Freedom
    2. Discovering my Soul Purpose
    3. Being True to Myself

    I appreciate you asking this thought provoking question.

    God Bless.

  • Joni Stone says:

    First of all thank you for all you do and thank you for making your expertise available to everyone by promoting products that can meet every budget, those of us struggling just to make it each month to those who are well on there way but wanting more guidance! Because of that I have focused on your teachings… you are obviously aware that there are many sites, newsletters and blogs out there, I found it helped me to find one I resonate with and stay with it.

    If I had you all to myself for one day, I would look for:
    1) Guidance in managing my day – how to stay focused on priorities, how to stay on target amidst daily distractions and make myself accountable – I must work so many hours to pay bills, want to put additional hours towards my passion, but I am also not the kind of person that can go for 16 hrs non-stop work, I need down time each day…. I just ran out of hours!
    2) How to get past my fear of success/failure… as there are fears attached to both!
    3) I need a way to learn how to value my time… I’ve been giving away my expertise and time for so long, I can’t get back on track to charge more appropriately for what I do. I’ve de-valued myself and have done it for so long, I think I don’t feel I deserve to make more than I do – even if its free.

    My guess you will have 3 different lists show up… one for some of us who want to fully embrace LOA, believe in it, but still struggle with old habits and old thoughts (53 years is a long time not to value yourself)

    then you’ll have those who have got it going, have a good job or career already, but are ready for a change in direction/purpose or to take what they are doing and step it up a notch.

    Then you’ll get the real go-getters – the ones who are on really working it, abundance is flowing, but want to see just how high they can take it! I’ll get there… just not sure when!

    Thank you and Gratitude!
    Joni Stone

  • Karri Powers says:

    If I were to have you to myself for one whole day, I’d really love help with one thing that I keep coming back to over and over and over. I majored in business in 1988 and I have been in the insurance/financial servicees world for over 23 years now. Not once have I ever felt that this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life! I’ve always felt very deep longings to do something where I am helping other people heal, and find true happiness and peace within. I used to think I wanted to be a psychologist and get a counseling degree. Now I think I want to be a healer doing spiritual coaching work. I have no idea how to get there from here, and it’s all I reallly want to do!!! I know all the other things would fall into place if I could just find a way to express the gifts and love that are flowing out of my soul on a daily basis. I’m not sure how to get going, but I am ready to do whatever it takes to do the work I am meant to do!!! Xoxoxo Karri

  • David says:

    Hi Nan !

    My 3 questions would be :

    1) How to clear blocks to prosperity ?
    2) How to clear blocks to connecting with my soulmate ?
    3) How to best to fulfil my life purpose ?

  • billy says:

    Hi Nan
    my day would be spent with you trying to find that (block) that is holding me back.
    I just can`t find it. I have been clearing blocks for six months and i am clearing them but going nowhere. I can clear blocks on fear,money and all the others that i find on the net in books everywhere i can find them.
    My Inner child is telling me i am clear on all the big blocks but there must be one there that i can not find. Money runs from me and i can`t find why, I had a lot of money before but i put it all in to my business. It`s a business i love and a job i love so it should be right but now it is making no money these day. I am at peace inside
    Thank you

  • michelle says:

    you ask a question that if you could work just with me for one day what would it be on…..I feel as if I have lost myself in a unknown place … is a mess…personal no drive…self worth….worthless ….this all comes from at this time of my life where I thought I had it all by really had nothing. Michelle

  • Mira says:

    If I had you focused with me for a whole day, there’s really only one thing I would like assistance in creating … Here it is:

    “How can I support others around the world to tune into their grandeur and the infinite possibilities residing within them? How can I do this so that this knowing is simultaneously embodied by all?”

    That’s the adventure I would spend the day exploring with you.

    My heart is joyfully dancing with the mere idea of it! You are truly a blessing, Nan.

    With Sincere Appreciation … Mira

  • Oshunkemi says:

    Peace and Blessing Nan,

    If I could have you all day to myself. I would ask you questions like . What is my divine or soul purpose.How do I remove Abundance blocks. How do I get rid of fears that hold me back.

    Thank You and again
    Peace and Blessing
    Oshunkemi Ibe

  • Naomi Mckenzie says:

    Hi Nan,

    If I was to have you all to myself for a one day intensive, I would ask you to support me in :
    1. Clearing and releasing past relationships.
    2. Opening the doors to the flow of abundance and prosperity.
    3. Helping me to fulfill my soul purpose.

  • After reading the comments, my three things seemed to so concrete. But, so they are:
    1) I need traffic to my website without draining my bank account
    2) I need more high paying clients.
    3) I need to tweak my websites so that it is more attractive to potential clients.

  • Lana says:

    1. How to keeping your daily thinking positive all/most of the time.
    2. Easy ideas to keep you in the manifesting frame of mind & feeling
    3. Clearing blocks that are trapped in your body.

  • Caroline says:

    1..abundance blocks cleared
    2. What am I supposed to be doing
    Life purpose
    3 total belief that I can have it all

  • Margo P. says:

    Hi Nan,

    My three challenges would be financial blocks,
    finding my life purpose and finding my soulmate.

    I appreciate your care and concern for all of us and want to say thank you very much for all you do. I want to be able to help out too.



  • bill says:

    remove blocks/negative self talk
    open channel/raise my vibration so I can hear/speak to my angels, guides higher self
    attracting abundance

  • Patricia says:

    Finding my purpose get clarity in my life and releasing financial blocks and starting a business aligned with my passion thank you

  • Nan Akasha says:

    THanks so much!

  • Nan Akasha says:

    thanks so much Billy! I so appreciate you sharing!

  • Nan Akasha says:

    ooo how exciting! What is it… do you have an inkling?

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Good!! You will, cause you are determined! Hugs! It is all possible!

  • Carrol Roberts says:

    I would say to you: Nan, I understand the theories, so help me with the practical. I hear what you’re saying but still don’t quite understand how to apply it….I know I’m not alone in this thinking, otherwise you wouldn’t get the questions you’re asked. So how does it really work, and what is the missing LINK that others (like myself) is not grasping?. There are obvious blockages -because people are still struggling and no matter how many times they listen to podcasts or replays they are inundated with advise they can’t seem to follow. So Nan, what is your breakthrough advise?

  • Marilyn says:

    Hello, Nan:

    These seem to be the biggest blocks I would need help with:

    1. Releasing my father’s voice inside saying over and over again: “Who do you think you are?” “Good things don’t happen to people like us.” “This is as good as it gets.” “Don’t expect anything then you won’t be disappointed..” and on and on and on. I thought I had gotten rid of those teachings of Dad’s, but, alas, I haven’t. I don’t know what else to do to release them and need help.

    2. Releasing my blocks about writing. I am a writer and I am horribly, horribly blocked. When I look inward to see my life’s purpose it always comes back to writing. Writing a novel of sweetness and magic. That’s about as far as I get with the story. Sweetness and magic. Oh – and faeries. I run away from sitting down and finding out more.

    3. My blocks about being financially secure and abundant in all areas of my life.

    Thanks for the chance to have time with you and for the opportunity for me to clarify my goals.


  • Margaret says:

    To start my own business without fear and to have the self-confidence to believe the people that tell me that I deserve so much more than the job I have that hardly pays what I am worth

  • victor says:

    Hi nan that will be a great opportunity for me to overcome the problem of lack of money and eradicate poverty in my life and share my testimony with you

  • ali says:

    Hi dear, i think if i were had you there is not any problem to be left so that need to be solve.understanding each other well and acception just as we are the same,so there is nothing remain for solvation.

  • Martina Kropej says:

    dear nan…

    1st staying in love action – instead of judging and struggling with myself
    2nd letting past go
    3rd trust & hope 8

    love and light to all of you


  • judy says:

    My first concern is to get myself out of this financial rut I’ve been insince the 80s. At that time I lucked into a job that paid a phenominal amount and within 2 years had saved up over 20,000. I married a man that said ‘ooo, money for me to spend’. I swore at that time no man would ever have me for my money again. Well, it stuck. Now I can’t get out of it. I’ve been married twice; my second forced me to declare bankruptcy when he left the country and the debts for me to deal with. Now, I’m not able to get ahead, get caught up, and I’m tired.
    My second concern is my ‘lovelife’. I’ve been with the same man for 3 years and I love him with every beat of my heart. It’s a long story but to try and summerize even though we don’t live together, I wish for obstacles to stop presenting themselves. When we are truly connected it is wonderful but because of past issues in his life he is very ‘gun-shy’. We truly have the potential to be a ‘power couple’ in every sense of the word, if only….
    My third concern if for my oldest daughter. She is 20 and was diagnosed with rhuemetoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. She went from being a dancer (6years) to needing a cane to walk.
    She spends most of her days in bed because the pain is too much. She is living with her boyfriend (they’ve been together almost 5 years, just moved in together 3 months ago) and I hope he’s strong enough to stay with her.
    I know there are submissions out there that are more deserving, but please consider mine.
    Thankyou, Judy

  • Maurice says:


    I have been blessed as a successful business executive, CFO, management consultant running my own business, and business book author. I am currently: approaching 60 years old, not happy, not motivated, not working, in debt, and separated from my third wife, whom I love very much. Yet, I feel I have some things great yet to do in my life.

    In no particular order,

    1) How do I discover whatever great things are to be achieved, and achieve them?

    2) How can I attract abundance to get out of debt and live comfortably?

    3) How can I change so my wife will return to our home and live happily ever after?

    That’s a challenging day ….

    Thank you,


  • Shelly says:

    Hi Nan,

    It’s me again.. After I wrote you yesterday, and read everyone’s comments, I feel I share this with a few of them: I have this feeling that I’ve cleared so many things. I’ve been “working” on myself for almost 25 years. Lately, especifically since December, I have tried all the clearing methods that have crossed my path.
    I feel I have blocks on all the important areas in my life (except with my son) so my conclusion is: Either I have a “program” that keeps me believing I still have things to clear, or I haven’t cleared the one thing that’s the base for all the others.
    So, I don’t know if instead of clearing those 3 areas: Finance, Relationships, Career (soul purpose) you could try and help me uncover this (on that intensive day of work)
    Thank you so much for your wonderful offerings of love.

  • Gail says:

    Interesting question, the possibility of working thru with your help is fascinating. I would probably ask for help with the obvious three: financial, relationship and body image. Those are the three I am surrently working on and slowly peeling away the layers of history.

  • Michele says:

    I’d like to know what my soul would like to be doing and how I can make money doing it, because I haven’t got a clue about that; clearing financial blocks and – since I’m a day late with my answer – time management 🙂

  • Nancy says:

    Hi Nan,
    my 3 challenges would be:
    -not feeling worried or regreting when spending money
    -visualize what I want and belive that it can happen
    -self confidence in what I can achieve

    Amen !

  • Fran says:

    Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.

    Are abundance blocks and money blocks the same or different? Or inter-related?
    How about the working hard and long hours away from family for low pay block?
    How about the why is everything so hard block?
    There’s got to be some kind of undeserving or not worthy block there too?

  • Sandra says:

    “If you were to have me all to yourself for a one day intensive, what are the
    three biggest challenges you’d want me to solve with you?”

    I love this question! Thank you for asking! Hmmm…
    1) I want all the blocks to my receiving all the success I have been dreaming of removed.
    2) I want to know how to remove any and all future obstacles.
    3) I want the process to be fun, joyful and simple!

    So grateful for all the ways you are fulfilling your mission, Nan!

    With hugs,


  • Gerrie says:

    Hi Nan, thank you so much for all your work and care!
    If I had you all for myself one day, I would love to work more on
    1- money blocks, though I often think that I have cleared a lot of them, there always seem to be more blocks
    2- my soul purpose
    3- self confidence. I have problems with getting older!

    love and gratitude,


  • Stacy says:

    Thank you Nan for posting this question!

    I would say my 3 biggest challenges are:
    1. THE BIGGEST-Letting go of things/people in my life that are not serving my highest and best and then allowing/receiving the best things and people in. Honoring my boundaries.
    2. Knowing what to charge for services, especially in your area, when there is not a concrete model. (That I know of)
    3. Sticking with one passion long enough to turn it into a business. I will get very passionate about something new, read and do all I can with it to a point of competency, then I see something else new and I follow that. I tell myself I can evolve and change but I feel like I change too fast to build a business.

    One more bonus: Fear of dealing with an angry client. For any reason.

    Thank you Nan! Many Blessings to you!

  • Nadine says:

    Hi Nan, What is blocking me from making lots of money? I keep thinking maybe it was something from my past. I grew up in a dysfunctional household very poor. I am successful now but want way more. Help!

  • Isabel says:

    I would be thrilled to have you all to myself for a few minutes, I would ask you to help me maintain a “Positive attitude” and have positive thoughts going forward, if only we knew what our future held!!

    Thanks & have a great day!