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Now, does the Universe know what it is doing or what?

By June 2, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
I just got home from having dinner with a dear friend who had moved out of state… she had
been through a rough divorce and really in survival mode for awhile. What I found fascinating
was how everything always sorts itself out in the most amazing and magical ways…. no matter
how horrible something seems at the time.
My life is like that, a few years back during my divorce, I was drowning in fear, broke and worn
out.  I felt like a kid in a box, with my hands over my head, trying to disappear into the corner,
so now one would see me, hoping it would all stop.
I was so delighted to see that my friend, like myself and many of my clients, had found a very
different, surprising and purpose driven life… out of the pain and chaos that seemed so terrifying
at the time.
I wanted to send you a note and let you know that I am living proof…. as is my friend, and
clients, that beauty, purpose, love, wealth, happiness and peace are all possible, in fact they are
ready and waiting for you …. right now…. no matter where you have been or where you are
now. In the end, it ALWAYS turns out better!
So remember… EVERYTHING is Opportunity…. no exceptions!
It is up to you….
to me…
to my friend…. to take your life back now… look for the gift inside the
fear and pain… look for the door… it leads to the life your Soul intended… and now is the time…
your Soul is calling.
You are always being guided, whether you think so or not, I see it every day. You are never
alone, you are supported and loved and you have everything you need within you. Start with
that, be grateful for that, and look for what you need…. you will find it.
I see you breaking through to your Soul aligned life of joy and purpose!
Love, Nan
PS  I just thought I should share a bit of my girlfriend’s news:
-she now lives in the mountains, which  she loves, and it solved all her health issues, she has a
home bordering a national forest, she met her Soul mate 4 months ago, got engaged 2 months
ago, and decided to get married next week :)… and she always wanted lots of kids, and had 3
boys, and is marrying a man who has 3 girls!!
Now, does the Universe know what it is doing or what?!
Go look for your joy!