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Meet your abundance Compass

By June 6, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

Is your abundance compass working?  How do you know?

One thing I am told most of you want help with, is clearing ‘blocks to abundance’… so I wondered, how do you know your abundance it blocked?

Interesting question… I usually hear “Yes, I am blocked cause I want more abundance, but it is not here”…. and maybe you have been abundant before (like me… I had a lot and then it all left) , but if you have not had the experience of abundance in your life, then how do you really know it is blocked?

Interesting thing is that even when you have never yet experienced abundance flowing freely in your life… you know you have blocks to abundance, because you know deep inside, not from what your parents told you , not from what your spouse, or friends told you, but from a true place deep inside you, that says “I AM an abundant Divine being”.

This is the important point…You have an inner compass… it knows you are supposed to be abundant. You can feel it within, even if you have never experienced any or even a little abundance… you have that absolute knowing that you are meant to be prospering.

Excellent! This is something I like to call your abundance compass.

Your abundance compass knows which way is Abundance “north”… just like a compass always points north, so you can get your bearings and know which way to head towards. Your abundance compass not only always points towards your Soul purpose,  it also lets you know what is the real you, and what is not.

So when you feel blocked, when you say “I need help removing my abundance blocks”, you know, because that inner abundance compass ‘tells’ you, “this is not right, this does not feel like who I really am” or “I know I am supposed to be more, have more, do more”.

So this week we will dive into your abundance compass…start now by leaving a comment below, and sharing how you know your abundance is blocked… what is it that you feel, think  or do that makes you certain… “I KNOW there is more waiting for me”!
Love, Nan


One of my main focuses is to help you dissolve blocks to abundnace.


  • Ace says:

    Thank you Nan
    First of all for what you do.
    Having had success and abundance in my life, I know what it feels liie to have abundance flowing freely into my life.
    And your blog is proof that things need to change.
    I need to change. And get back to being grateful for all that I receive

    Thank you again.


  • NoCAGal says:

    I have been working on my “abundance blocks” for years. When nothing is coming in, it tells me I have more issues to work on. Recently, my mother passed away (was her only caretaker) and my siblings stole all my business clothing and told me to leave. I had nowhere to go. Just kept tapping on it and released all fear. Two or three days prior to my leaving, and nowhere to go, a friend emailed me and invited me to come live in her home – a wealthy neighborhood and gated community surrounded by a golf course! Imagine that! Abundance comes in many forms. Continue to tap for my “own wealth”, but now being educated in “what it’s like to have abundance”. Believe this is just “another step” empowering me to see and believe in my own financial success and properity.

  • Luz Khan says:

    I had a premonition that I was going to win the Lottery. The next day I went out to find the type of Lotteries existing in this Country. My surprise was enormous, there was none; no National Lottery, no scratching cards, no games at all. Few weeks went by, I switched on the TV. And found out that the National Lottery of this Country was about to be created. It went on air on the 14th of November 1995. Since then I have played the same set of six numbers. The first three numbers have come out three times, but never the full set of my numbers. I have not miss one game since it started in 1995. Many people that had been playing for six years, 8 years, 12 years, have got their Jack Pot, but not me. “IS THIS A BLOCK, OR WHAT”….??????? I DO KNOW, THAT I WAS BORN TO BE SUCCESSFUL, BUT I ALSO KNOW THAT ON THE WAY SOMEBODY DID SOMETHING BAD TO ME. I DO FEEL IT.

  • Val says:

    Nan, I must obviously have a block or blocks, or limiting beliefs, because no matter what I do, no matter how many programs, seminars, telecourses etc. I do/take, I have, as yet, to get and keep money, abundance etc. I am soooooo tired of the constant struggle and stress involved around money, especially now, as I am the sole support of my ailing spouse and myself!!! Love you dear heart!!! Thank you for all your help and loving support!!!

  • Jim White says:

    I realised a long time ago that my abundance was blocked because whenever I try any thing that should make me money, it fails miserably and yet other people do exactly the same and make themselves a fortune.

  • Nona says:

    I often see little things coming my way and know that this is the abundance of the Universe coming to me. However, my husband has been ill, laid off from work, and our income was cut in half for a good year. He is recovering from an amputated foot and diabetic retinopathy and so has needed me around to help him out until he gets back on his feet. I am on Social Security Disability which will get me medical care and am starting an arts and crafts business which I think stands a good chance for success. I am praying a lot, doing what is in front of me, researching business related stuff, but tire a lot. I am generally optimistic but want to be sure I keep on the right track about being optimistic and manifesting abundance in my life, always remembering the importance of being of service to others at all times.

  • Hi – I am living my dream volunteering / teaching my Personal Empowerment Classes “LIVING CHOICES: Getting to know you, learning to love you” … in 4 recovery/transition houses for women and now men also and they love it. Doing what I love … the money will follow philosophy has been going on for almost 20 years. I’d like to have the financial abundance / cash flowing up front now. I work to support my habit … now retiring age is nearing and I wish to get my books/bio completed before 20-11-2011 to present at my Birthday Party in New Zealand with the family – I live in Surrey, BC Canada! I have gone through the bankruptcy process since I was diagnosed with tumors in my breasts in 2008 and spent a great deal of money doing the alternative “Healing Journey” and now enjoying giving back in the Community with my classes, helping other Heal, Learn and Earn the Rewards!
    “Kiwi” in Canada,

  • josephine says:

    Every business or any home program that I joined didn’t stay long & turned into wrong direction what I’m expected.

  • Shelly says:

    Hi Nan,
    I share with you the experience of having had an abundant life when I was a child and teenager and then all of it leaving. So I know my abundance is blocked. But either way, I also believe the abundance I had then is not even a quarter of all the abundance I deserve and know I’m entitled to. I know my abundance is blocked because all of my important areas in life (except for my relationship with my son) aren’t fulfilled. I am still searching to become welathy, I am still searching for my soulmate and I’m still searching for my soul’s purpose expressed through a career or ocupation that I love. I feel that somehow, I have faced so many challenges that my energy has become very low, and that feeling also prevents me from applying all the wonderful tools I’ve found, though I am and still be doing all that’s in my hands to allow for miracles to unfold in my life everyday.
    Thank you Nan, this is a great question!
    Love and many blessings to you!

  • Beth says:

    I am self-employed w/a great opportunity to build passive, residual wealth within 24 month program. Others (whom I know) have commas in their checks. I’m half-way to a comma, and am grateful. I just feel my abundance is blocked, because I feel like I’m accruing at a snail’s pace. I really want to earn several thousands per month (which isn’t that much), but since I haven’t, it seems so far away.

    I keep applying the tips. I am going through some major personal things and want to come out on top. I’m grateful for this site; it offers great hope.

  • Wave says:

    Hi Nan,
    My abundance must be blocked. I am a professional, well-educated, amazing at what I do, and yet find I am surrounded by people who are far less educated, work much fewer hours, have less stress, and who make 4-5x more than I do. I do not begrudge them, I only point this out because it is a daily reminder to me that something is not quite right with my vibration and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can be earning at least 3x more than I am now. Moreover, it’s not even so much a matter of income as it is expenses in relation to income. My income is certainly respectable. It’s that I seem to attract greater and greater debt the more money I make. Recently I have come to terms with understanding the messages given by my parents that haunt my subconscious: the big thing is that they always used money to “control me” and make me feel guilty for having it. They reminded me at every turn how they went out of their way to give me a gift, or even give me money to go to the movies with a friend. They told me I was spoiled compared to how they were raised. They made me feel forever “indebted” to them–I couldn’t accept a gift or money without feeling guilty. Even when they gave me something, it was not entirely mine to enjoy. “Who the heck paid for that?” they said, ” That’s right? I did, so I can use it too!” Now flash 35 years later. I get a big chunk of money, and property taxes on my house double. I get more money, the car dies and I need to buy a new one. It’s one thing after the next. You know, I have struggled like this since having my own checking account in college? then in my first job, and graduate school, and the job after that . . . I have never had peace of mind with money – I have never had a cushion or comfort zone of savings over expenses. There’s always something lurking behind the corner, so that even if I pay off a huge debt, something else will come about. And now that my wife is no longer working, the toll on our relationship has put us at its breaking point. Thanks, Nan. Looking forward to your words of wisdom!!!

  • Vanessa says:

    I know that I have abundance blocks because I have always been able to manifest whatever I wanted (including money) very easilhy in the past. The past five years have been a real struggle to make ends meet and to feel supported financially.
    I know that my previous abundance is only a fraction of what is possible for me and I know that once I am again in strong flow that I can make a huge difference in the world.
    Thank you Nan for the work you do. You help me remember the true me!
    Love and Blessings

  • David says:

    For me more money goes out than comes in , despite people liking what I give them. It is a very relevant question and I would deeply appreciate help to clear this.

    Blessings Nan

  • dar says:

    I know my abundance is blocked, I am hanging onto something. Every new journey gets me a little more financial freedom, however it is not instant at all. I visualize it and feel it and it seems to be a struggle, then I get to a place of comfort and then like a light turning off, it is over. I know when I am at the point of the light being turned off, I am asking myself is this really what I want. Then I begin a new journey which begins from a place of fear. I have seen this pattern before, the time I spend on each journey is getting shorter however the journey is the same. It has happened the same way for as long as I can remember. I have not been able to put my finger on what I have to learn here. Help!

  • lisa says:

    I know my abundance is blocked because I am living in a small house and my imagination always goes to a vission of a bigger house as being at my comfort zone. I have dreamed of living in a large house ever since I was a little girl, but at present time our income would not allow for a larger house. Help!!!

  • Karri Powers says:

    Dear Nan,
    I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful tools and blogs you continue to give us all on such a regular basis. I find it all so very soothing, and it does help tremendously. This most recent post really strikes a cord with me. I can feel myself shifting, perhaps more slowly than I would liked but it is also a very gentle shift – which is wonderful. The manifestations of the things I’ve been asking for lately have not necessarily come about, and yet I feel a wonderful sense of peace and calm. It’s almost like my inner being is saying, “I’m not worried about you, and if I’m not worried about you or your future, then you shouldn’t be either.” Of course, I know inner being/divine self does not worry because there is nothing to worry about. But I think I’m tapping into that part of myself more and more. And somehow I know the path is unfolding. I am willing to trust in myself, my source, and the journey, and appreciate and enjoy my life while I’m at it. Blessings to everyone. We are definitely in this together, and it has comforted me tremendously knowing that there are so many people in the world struggling with exactly the same things I am!

  • Tracey says:

    I just took your 26 day course and ran into a block mid way through. Everything seemed to start rolling backwards and the people around me were displaying habits and characteristics that were really annoying me. Everything was either going in the wrong direction or was stopped all together dispite what I was doing to keep it moving forward. This is when I know I have a “block” and I look at the statements I am making when I describe my day and I look at what people are doing around me as well as what I am doing in action and reaction. I write simple statements describing my situations when this happens. Sometimes reading back the statements I wrote tells me exactly where my “limiting beliefs” are that are helping to form these blocks. Sometimes I just have to sit quietly with myself or do something off beat of what I usually do, like go out dancing till the wee hours of the night, to shake my life up a bit and allow the messages to come. I still have blocks to remove and I’d like to learn how to stay in the flow when the blocks are removed. As always, Thank you for being you!!!
    Love and Light!

  • Nan Akasha says:

    change your story to: I see my blocks with ease and transform them into avenues for abundance!

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Karri… how wonderful! I feel a very strong and beautiful energy in this, keep moving forward!

  • Nan Akasha says:

    ok, so now focus on seeing and feeling that block dissolve and tuning into the inner guidance… it knows where to show you to look for your next sale, it is right here!

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Helle, you need a mentor… to help you get this vision out into the world! Look to me or someone and get yourself the magic of coaching!

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Many blessings, keep your courage and follow your heart, it is freeing you to a better life aligned with your purpose

  • Nan Akasha says:

    stop looking at, believing in the block… you are putting money and your ability to ‘know’ how, between you and your house… let the Universe find a way, just see it, beleive it and let go of “I can;t see a way”

  • Delia Daza says:

    Hi Nan,

    I know what I want and I do what I’m told to do to get all the abundance I know it’s mine but I’m still in a hole, I just don’t understand it and in the past few years it has gotten worse, some times I think it’s getting better and it goes back to the same or worse. So yes, I am abundance blocked. I need unblocking 😉 Thanks Nan!