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Meet your abundance Compass

By June 6, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

Is your abundance compass working?  How do you know?

One thing I am told most of you want help with, is clearing ‘blocks to abundance’… so I wondered, how do you know your abundance it blocked?

Interesting question… I usually hear “Yes, I am blocked cause I want more abundance, but it is not here”…. and maybe you have been abundant before (like me… I had a lot and then it all left) , but if you have not had the experience of abundance in your life, then how do you really know it is blocked?

Interesting thing is that even when you have never yet experienced abundance flowing freely in your life… you know you have blocks to abundance, because you know deep inside, not from what your parents told you , not from what your spouse, or friends told you, but from a true place deep inside you, that says “I AM an abundant Divine being”.

This is the important point…You have an inner compass… it knows you are supposed to be abundant. You can feel it within, even if you have never experienced any or even a little abundance… you have that absolute knowing that you are meant to be prospering.

Excellent! This is something I like to call your abundance compass.

Your abundance compass knows which way is Abundance “north”… just like a compass always points north, so you can get your bearings and know which way to head towards. Your abundance compass not only always points towards your Soul purpose,  it also lets you know what is the real you, and what is not.

So when you feel blocked, when you say “I need help removing my abundance blocks”, you know, because that inner abundance compass ‘tells’ you, “this is not right, this does not feel like who I really am” or “I know I am supposed to be more, have more, do more”.

So this week we will dive into your abundance compass…start now by leaving a comment below, and sharing how you know your abundance is blocked… what is it that you feel, think  or do that makes you certain… “I KNOW there is more waiting for me”!
Love, Nan


One of my main focuses is to help you dissolve blocks to abundnace.