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Which way to abundance?

By June 7, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

We all know a compass helps us know where we are in relation to a direction, specifically north. From that place, having a reference point, we can choose which way to go, because we know where we want to head. Your abundance compass can help us  find direction too.  Your abundance compass is your inner guidance that helps you know where you are in relation to WHO you are.

Who you are is your Soul purpose, your Divine nature, and it IS ABUNDANT. It does not ‘want’ to be abundant… it does not
‘hope or wish’ it could be abundant… and it does not worry about being good enough to be abundant… it IS abundant. That is you. Who you are. Period.

So who you are is an abundant Divine being.That is your natural state. So the reason you feel lost, frustrated, wanting more and have a deep inner knowing you are meant for something bigger is…your abundance compass tells you so. That little voice inside, that yearning in your heart for more… more fun, meaning, love and money.

So as you begin to honor, listen to and follow your inner abundance compass, you will see your life unfold beautifully. That means
less struggle deciding what to do and actually following through and doing it. It means less confusion as to what you love and what your purpose and missions are.
It means less frustration because you have help in knowing what is the best thing to do now that will lead you to your happiness and abundance.

Something I know you want help with is clarity. Clarity on what your purpose is, what you can do now that will create the biggest impact on your income and life.
What direction do I go? What is my purpose? What would make me happy, feel fulfilled, help others and bring me the money I desire to live the life of my dreams.

Your abundance compass is for exactly that…Direction!!

If you practice following this inner compass towards what you love, what you have inspirations and ideas about, you can not
go wrong. Does that mean things will always work out the way you want? No, and that is ok.. because you are doing your best to figure out what to do next
and who you are. It is a process, and often you have to experience one things, or let go of something, for the next to be able to appear. So trust the process.
Trust your abundance compass.

Let’s look at what your inner Abundance compass is. It is a part of your Soul,  a part of our true Divine nature.

Your abundance Compass:

  • knows who the authentic you is
  • knows your Soul purpose, and design for this life
  • Knows your passions, loves, talents and desires
  • knows you are a Divine, abundant, loved being… worthy of all the best the world has to offer!

Here is something for you to do now that will help you tune in more to this inner guidance system.
Write down and ask yourself

  1. What do I feel unsatisfied with?
  2. What do I feel stuck with?
  3. What do I yearn for?
  4. What do I dream of and desire consistently?

This will help  you really zone in on your abundance compass.

Anywhere you feel stuck, unable to move forward, dissatisfied, and frustrated is an area you feel abundance is supposed to be flowing in, but it is not.
This is a huge indicator that your Abundance compass is telling you this is NOT where you are meant to be, this is not in alignment with your true path.
There is more for you.

What you yearn for and dream of, is not a fantasy, it is your Soul, or Abundance compass… calling you “this way to happiness, this way to your abundance”.

Get clear on both of these and then ask
“What is my next best step to move from from being stuck to creating momentum and opening to my abundance”

Here’s a clue, you will have to:

  • let go of something (or many things)
  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • think from a totally new perspective… and ABUNDANT ONE
  • Trust yourself, The Universe and your inner guidance
  • Decide you want your abundance more than anything and you will do whatever it takes (yes, of course in alignment with who you are and your morals etc)

Next time… how to take what you uncovered and attune yourself to the calling of your abundance compass!


  • Aurelio says:

    Thank you so much for this article, Nan!… It really hits home… It encourages me to continue to trust my abundance compass… Recently I have let go of the following: 1) My job of 15 years, 2) My marriage of 19 years, 3) Security in knowing how long I can live in my current residence, 4) Money for personal development courses… Here’s to letting go… and following my abundance compass!… 🙂 … Love, Aurelio.

  • Leanora says:

    Great article!

  • Shelly says:

    Hi Nan,

    Thank you for this information. I will answer the questions as following:

    What do I feel unsatisfied with? With every important area in my life except my relationship with my son which is wonderful.
    What do I feel stuck with? Money, Love and Carrer/Purpose, even with being in my country.
    What do I yearn for? I yearn for freedom, wealth, love, peace, joy and a satisfying feeling of fulfilling my purpose.
    What do I dream of and desire consistently? I dream of having plenty money, which is the means of providing me the freedom I seek, I wish to find my true love. I dream of having a bussiness I love and also being of service to help others. I dream of a dream home in a free country.
    I recently resigned from my job. That job was slowly killing me because it was so stressful and I hated it.
    I am now taking my time, relaxing a bit and trying to find my inner compass as to what to do next.
    I love your posts, they are so enlightening. Thank you Nan!!

  • Shina says:

    Thank you Nan. This is quite enlightening. I am right now trying to clear all blocks, real and imagined, to abundance. I got laid off and the beginning of this month and it has been a blessing in disguise 🙂
    This article will guide me to the next step.
    Bless you!

  • Nan Akasha says:

    good, I am so happy you see this as a blessing, it is, it really is, keep your focus on what you have opened to, liberated for !

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Thanks… when you feel an attraction, follow it and see, wonderful things are unfolding for you! I can feel it!

  • Nan Akasha says:

    mmm letting go, delicious!