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Dissolve blocks to abundance

By June 10, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

Are you enjoying this week’s topic about your abundance compass? I was excited to share this way of looking at clearing blocks to abundance, because typically you look:

  • at what is stopping or blocking you
  • Then you look at how to get rid of it
  • Then you get mad at it and want it gone. Then you say ” I have a block to abundance, how do I remove or erase it?”

Can you see what is wrong with this…. where I am leading your attention? Yes!

The focus is on:

  • what you do not want
  • what the problem is
  • what you do not have
  • How frustrating etc it is
  • How bad it feels
  • On how you do not know how to get rid of it

This is all very dis-empowering and of course, adds to the problem, due to Law of attraction and other Universal laws. As you know, you always, daily, moment by moment, need to be focused on what you choose, want and desire.

Now, I am not saying you do not have this challenge of a block, I am sure it is very real, like everyone’s are. I know that you recognizing it is good too… then you can do something about it. It is the constant, and consistent and repetitive focus on the block that solidifies it. However, energetically this brings you down, and that is not where abundance lives.

So, now you recognize that these feelings of longing for abundance are your true nature. Your frustration with blocks to abundace are because your abundance compass in your Soul, knows you are ready for your abundance.

So now, you can begin to dissolve your blocks to abundance in a new way! Abundance lives in high vibrations like happiness, joy, purpose, excited expectation. It lifts you up to where you can see new solutions and new opportunities  and more possibilities.

In the last blog I said  you can now take what you uncovered and attune yourself to the calling of your abundance compass!

This is all about tuning in to what you want… and ignoring the block, so to speak. The abundant way is all about focusing on what feels good to you, what feels abundant. Tune in to that vibration, and follow it, make it your goal to

  • do things
  • think things
  • feel things
  • focus on things

that feel abundant to you.

So ask yourself: How does it feel to be abundant, to me?

There are 3 keys to this

  1. It HAS to be what feels right and good and abundant to YOU, not to anyone else or what you think is acceptable to anyone else.
  2. You must know what you want (goals) or at least how you want to FEEL
  3. You must be willing to do what inspires you to get IN to the abundance vibe, and STAY there

I know it may sound simple, but guess what, that is what is reality, true reality…simple.

So being to dissolve your blocks to abundance by tuning in, moment to moment as you are aware, to FEELING abundant.. and notice where it leads you. Your abundance compass can lead you there, keep feeling your way!

And in the meantime… you get to feel great!