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Looking for coaches & healers who are ready to shatter that 6 figure barrier

By June 15, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
I have been up for weeks now, with visions pouring through my head… I know that there are so many of you out there, coaches, entrepreneurs, healers… who know you are ready to live your purpose, share your talents and get paid well for it too!
I know how you struggle with the fears of not being enough, asking for what you are worth, and wanting, yet not know how to attract, KEEP… and grow a 6 figure income. (By the way 6 figures means $100,000 -$999,999)
You know I am all about getting in to the Divine flow of abundance… feeling your Divine worth and then allowing it in …
Especially you heart centered healers and coaches, especially Law of Attraction coaches… most of you have such big hearts and give give give… well now it is time for you to embrace your 6 figure life… you deserve it, and it is ready and waiting for you!
So if you can take a second and let me know what your biggest fears, and challenges are to growing your business or practice to 6 figures and beyond… just   leave a comment below please…
I am downloading from Spirit an amazing new program for those of you who know you are ready to shatter that 6 figure glass ceiling and I really want to make sure we are hitting your biggest needs!
Leave me a comment… then go rock your day!
Love, Nan
PS Even if you have made 6 figures before, and want to get back there again, let me know what your challenges and barriers are to reaching that please 🙂