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Looking for coaches & healers who are ready to shatter that 6 figure barrier

By June 15, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
I have been up for weeks now, with visions pouring through my head… I know that there are so many of you out there, coaches, entrepreneurs, healers… who know you are ready to live your purpose, share your talents and get paid well for it too!
I know how you struggle with the fears of not being enough, asking for what you are worth, and wanting, yet not know how to attract, KEEP… and grow a 6 figure income. (By the way 6 figures means $100,000 -$999,999)
You know I am all about getting in to the Divine flow of abundance… feeling your Divine worth and then allowing it in …
Especially you heart centered healers and coaches, especially Law of Attraction coaches… most of you have such big hearts and give give give… well now it is time for you to embrace your 6 figure life… you deserve it, and it is ready and waiting for you!
So if you can take a second and let me know what your biggest fears, and challenges are to growing your business or practice to 6 figures and beyond… just   leave a comment below please…
I am downloading from Spirit an amazing new program for those of you who know you are ready to shatter that 6 figure glass ceiling and I really want to make sure we are hitting your biggest needs!
Leave me a comment… then go rock your day!
Love, Nan
PS Even if you have made 6 figures before, and want to get back there again, let me know what your challenges and barriers are to reaching that please 🙂


  • Manon says:

    It’s a difficult question to answer for me because I tought I was doing everything well in order to attract prosperity in my life but I realize that I have fears inside of me. Fears related to what? Hummm. I know that my #1 is related to deserving. I’m always doubting about my prices. I’m always afraid they are too high so people will be expecting something AMAZING from me. So I’m in fear that I won’t be able to create something good enough. I fear that people who love what I do will be disappointed if my prices are too high or won’t follow me and buy my e-workshops or attend my live workshops and retreats because they cannot afford it. But on the other hand, I have to find a way to attract money in my life to support my family. And I just don’t want to go back on the 9 to 5 market. I would die!! I love, LOVE what I do now as a creativity coach and I know that I create wellness for people around me. So I don’t want my fears to win over my work. I want money in my life in order to be able to coninue my work.

    Thank you so much for being there Nan! I absolutly love the way you present abundance and prosperity. I had a bif Ah-ha moment when I heard you on the Rae Zandler radio show!



  • Helen Jones says:

    Far too many big changes in my life – 40 moves in 50 years, having to move to another country, struggle re money, chronic fatigue for nearly 20 years, panic attacks, feeling extremely insecure and unsettled. Apart from that, all is peachy!

  • Audrey Dalton says:

    Having lived a life of being critized, and being expected to put myself last, it’s difficult to see myself as being worthy and deserving.

  • Ton Primus says:

    My biggest fear is that the customer does not see what I’ll bring, that it carries the value of the tenfold of what I have (in the financial account reimbursement) demand, in return for my earthly time, if you have asked God for help and I may give help in his name.
    I price myself fortunately to give anonymously, because it is not the customer for which I work, I am God’s instrument and left the alter ego behind and know that I have al I need in God’s House. What I give to you will come back to me in tenfold, since people now the value of my presence, to help them to turn life in to good times. By seeing God in people and to see people like Divine instruments, I want to invest and wants to wear, so that we all will see the unity of life and thus disappears right now my and your biggest fear; not good enough, not get enough, hard to get. Because if I can, the customer can also and then I Award it to Nan-you too, because you know, with your earthly life, Blog, being mirror and facilitator of learning conditions for others and yourself, to learn from and with each other of life as it is now, to how it can be, so; good times will come. The factor Award (financial independence) and appreciation begins with itself, be worthy, responsive and responsible for the creation of being alive by not to be an orphan/victim without parents, but at home in God’s House.
    My body, the Temple of my soul for a life experience and to see it as sacred.
    There is plenty of God for everyone and God is not personal property, but a gift of unconditional love for all.

  • Melanie Joy Vertalino says:

    Hi Nan, I am almost finished with my LOA coaching certification. I am about 3-4 hours away from completing my required 70 hours. The clients/students/people I have coached have all told me how wonderful I am, and even emailed my teacher about what an amazing mentor I am, yet, I know I should start charging. I don’t know how much to charge or how to calculate that amount. I started off telling myself $100 an hour, as did many other people in my class. Then as time went on, we started wondering if that was too much? But, the help that my clients receive is priceless. They have changed their lives in unbelievable ways, especially those who put in the time. How do you figure out what rates to charge, in a way that the people who need it most can afford it, but also so that I am not selling myself short in the process? Also, how do I start charging clients who I have been coaching for free? I am currently on the patio of a beautiful beach cottage that one of my clients owns, and let me stay for a free week (valued at $1400). I know she wouldn’t have offered it to me, if I didn’t help her make enormous progress in her life. I guess sometimes it is hard to understand or realize our own worth, especially if we are so easily able to help others, yet, are still working to help ourselves on certain issues. I guess that falls in line with walking our talk. Thanks for writing this post and thinking about us law of attraction coaches. It’s not something that is commonly addressed, so, I do appreciate you discussing the topic and I look forward to any further posts you have on the subject! You always know what your subscribers need! : )

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Marjorie… big hugs and blessings my love…. allow, just allow yourself to shift, let go… focus on letting go and knowing what is next is always better …

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Thanks Melanie… here’s a easy tip: raise your rates…start charging the free clients.. and know your worth… this was a great way to start and honor and bless others, because they gave you the experience and opportunity to practice and to get positive feedback.
    Now you will most honor your clients and draw them forward to their best if you value what you offer 🙂 You can do it! You deserve it! Hugs

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Audrey, I am sure you have mastered feeling unworthy… accept your diploma and graduate! Everyone who did that was a great teacher, and now you are an expert, you can graduate out of that school and into the school of wealth and worthiness! Congratulations! Love and hugs 🙂

  • Nan Akasha says:

    excellent Helen, then you are 100% ready to let go of that and graduate into a new life! yea! 🙂

  • Janice says:

    I am still so busy with my 9 to 5 + homework corrections & planning of my daily teaching job that I have not started being the practitioner who gets paid. I hardly have worked out how to get clients, although I use many of my NLP learned skills with my students.
    Fear? getting started. I recognize similarities with all those above, who have already contributed, so some of the fear is fear of not being enough”.

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Janice, fear of not being enough is the #1 limiting belief, so you are in good company…. however, you must must must, now now now… begin to see and feel like an excellent practitioner who does get paid and gets paid well. Develop your worthy vibe and see the clients lining up. Begin to ask and be worthy of receiving.