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Letting go of the past heals your path to 6 figures $

By June 17, 2011Blog

I am officially addicted! I just completed another VIP day with a client, and I LOVE IT! I am ready to do more… who’s up for it? Transforming your money story, erasing the limits & blocks to abundance and beliefs that prevent money from flowing to you… I especially love the past life regression where such profound feelings, healings and insights emerge, every time!

I love – love – love working with people who are so ready to make that change… the past falls away, the clarity pours in, the fears disappear and who you are, authentically, shines brighter than ever before!

I am consumed by how many people, with passions, vision and strong desires, are not making enough money to live their Soul purpose. I see you, with a passion buried deep in your heart, and all the Divine, lined up with support for you… only you cannot beleive it is there, so you do not see it.

Letting go of the past is one of the most profound things you can do to open to your six figure lifestyle… (a 6 figure life is one where you know and trust you always attract at least $100,000, so you can plan and live your life from abundance and with complete intention on fulfilling your purpose)  There just is not enough room inside you, for all that fear, pain, struggle, sacrifice and “not good enough-ness” in you and for abundance… time to let go, of that big, heavy stuff… so you are free to receive all the riches that are pouring to you right now!

Starting Monday, I am going to share with you the “7 Spiritual Secrets of 6-Figure Breakthroughs”… especially for entrepreneurs, coaches and healers, who are not making at least 6 figures, and know they can…. if you are ready, you will want to keep track of every one of these!

Start by choosing three things in your past, you can now let go of, that will clear your path to riches…

In my Private VIP day today with a client, revealing and then transforming the past… and past lives, lead to such clarity, such a feeling of inner peace and calm. When you feel what it is like to be your authentic self, fear runs away, and pathways open for you to reach your goals.

If you are ready to let go of lack, struggle and trust… then stay tuned and let’s clear your path to 6 figures and beyond.