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Please share with me what are your biggest blocks to abundance?

By June 19, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog


  • Ali says:

    Even though I have my own business now, I seem to give far too much away for free, or at a reduced price. I am so used to being poor, it’s as if I don’t believe people will pay for my goods and services πŸ™

  • Lidia Neiva says:

    Sometimes I feel that why is my life so nice if others , especially my loved ones`s, is not.
    Why should I be richer or happier or something like that when others are in great suffering.?.
    Feels unfair, though my logical mind tells me that these things are not connected at all, and I`m not stealing my happiness or health of whatever.

  • Melanie says:

    Nan, For some time, I had my own money, more than enough (but was creating credit card debt). All the friends, people, in my life, did not have money, and it bothered me because it was always assumed that I would pay. Obviously, all I had to do is say NO or not pay. But, I allowed myself to feel guilty and obligated (this is years back), and at one point I recalled thinking, “I wish I didn’t have any money, then, I wouldn’t have to pay for people all the time.” Sadly, I created that situation for myself. And now, no one expects me to pay. But, some of these “broke” people are still a part of my life. I spoke with Bob Proctor about certain friends and he told me to “get new friends.” It’s hard to ditch a friend you have had for 30-some years, since diapers, because they don’t have money. And I have already gotten rid of many friends who were not good for me. Yet, I know that having people with money issues in my life, doesn’t help my cause at all!! And, since my mom passed in 2004, I used “retail therapy” to cope with grief. All of this happened at once. And seeing I am an LOA coach in training, I know I need to “walk my talk.” How can I coach people to be abundant when I’m not? I have curbed my spending quite a bit, but, at this point, I am signed up for so many “monthly memberships” and programs online that I think I need, and continue to spend all my extra income on electronic purchases (ebooks, cds, telesummits, courses, etc) when I really just need to SAVE my money. So, I guess my blocks are multiple. I feel like I always need the latest and greatest information & classes and spend so much money on them. Many of which I don’t make time to get to!! I’ve learned in my QSCA coaching class that I need to already feel “fulfilled” to attract abundance. I come from a family that has a lot of money, has saved all their lives and are pretty much never at want for anything. I don’t know how I am so different than my family. Although, my mom did claim bankruptcy in her late twenties, and only then became responsible with money. Also, when I was younger, I heard the expression, “Act like you are rich and you will be,” which of course led to me spending all my money. (which obviously did not work). I keep buying books and programs on this topic (including many from you) which I never read or hear or make time to learn from. So, obviously I must have some sort of subconscious resistance! I know when my clients don’t take the time, or miss calls, that they usually have some resistance going on within them. People always tell me what a wonderful coach I am, but, sometimes I feel like a fake because I am not completely living the life of my dreams. I do know how to be a great coach, for most issues and I can instruct people with certain “Abraham processes” to use for abundance, but, I still feel stuck. I am done grieving. I am done feeling I have to pay for anyone. Yet, I remain broke, despite it all. I told myself this year would be my year of change. I keep buying books and programs, starting, but never finishing…and thus, staying where I am. I honestly feel that making positive changes in my own life, will make me a much better coach. And of course, I don’t want to be in debt anymore either. And I want to have more than enough money too. I know I have to create abundance in my consciousness first. I just don’t know exactly what I am missing here? Maybe my comment will help you to see something within me that I can not see.

    Thank you for always caring so much about what people really need and offering as much free information as you do! I am on 100’s of lists and no one can even compare with you for content and/or the amount of free information you send or help you offer. And it is a win-win for you I hope, as the more you tell us, the more we want! I remember having problems years back and randomly emailing you as a stranger and you taking the time to write long emails back to me, before I really knew about LOA and what was happening in my life and that helped me a TON. So, I want to take the time here to thank you for that as well. I hope that there are some people out there who have similar issues with money and can benefit from my comment. (I mean, in any help you can suggest). Have a wonderful day Nan! : )

    Love & Light,

    (PS. I did manage to manifest a free week at a $1400 beach cottage from a client, so, I know things are looking up somewhat!!)

  • NoCAGal says:

    For 1.5 years, I have tapped on every money block from my childhood, and then some. Still, increasing my financial abundance has been a constant lesson in “focus” and, at times, very frustrating when, after months of practice, I see nothing much changing or coming in. However, I do see “signs” of what I’ve been focusing on and even won $180 in the lottery which I haven’t done in 22 years. Don’t understand what is preventing me from receiving better results after all this dedication and meditation, etc. Continue to re-visit the old blocks and tap on them again to see if any other hidden, negative feelings emerge. Can’t figure it out, as I’m staying positive, focused and excited!

  • Michele says:

    Hi Nan,

    First, thank you for caring enough to ask. It seems that the blocks appear when initially I am making great strides, doors opening etc then I face obstacles I can’t see HOW to overcome.

    Instead of continuing to be optimistic and hold the feeling of abundance, the situational obstacles and challenges lead to negative emotions that in turn block the abundance. When I can’t see HOW to resolve the problem or don’t know WHAT to do, I begin to feel frustrated, lost and a bit like I’m forsaken– especially when I have spent time, money, effort on a project I enthusiastically desired and felt inspired to do.

    Such was the case today. Initially I felt inspiration, woke up in wee morning excited with ideas for a project I’m sure will bring fulfillment and money. Then I became uncertain how to resolve a challenge with the project, unsure what to do, and I began spiral down.

    SO to recap, abundance blocks appear as doubt and disappointment when situational blocks appear in the form challenges/obstacles I can’t see how to resolve, after initially taking inspired action and feeling in the flow towards a desired goal. Inspiration, action, flow, challenges then big drop in emotion, and momentum. It sucks.

    I see what is happening but not sure how to avoid/resolve it.

  • Wave says:

    Keeping an abundance vibration when there are constant reminders of debt throughout the day, whether it is getting bills in the mail, an unexpected expense, etc. Instead the vibration shifts to that of fear, lack and anxiety, and well you know what that attracts.

  • Jessica says:

    My blocks come from
    Losing more money trying this and that to learn what will work for me
    No one to turn to if the trials don’t work and the money runs out.
    Becoming homeless if that happens.
    Very frustrated that everything cost so much, that I can’t move forward.

  • Adrienne says:

    I’ve been working on my blocks for the past year, releasing, letting go of the past, my family’s money paradign; I’m doing visualisations, meditations, tapping on a daily basis around abundance and success, love, joy, fun. I live with someone who is not in the ‘same space’ as me, in fact he’s quite closed when it comes ‘releasing’. In fact he actually told me he didn’t want to rake that stuff up. here’s my problem – Since January I have been trying to get my personal development business up and running; I write articles on my website, I do talks in front of groups of people, I go out and talk to people about how I can help them. In February I had a client who came once to see me and despite various emails has not come back. in March I was asked to do a talk to a group of health workers but afterwards was told that there was no more work as their budgets had been cut. I go to exhibitions and email people and call them. I had a meeting with someone last month who seemed very keen but again despite emails I’ve not had a response from her. Two weeks ago I did a ‘fair’ where I had interest from a few women who said they were interested in losing weight without dieting, being more confident, improving their lives. I took their details and despite contacting them I’ve not had anyresponse from them. When I talk to people I am very passionate about how their lives can change and yet…. 6 months later I haven’t got one client!!
    Oh I also go to networking events, chat to people online, go to seminars and workshops. I wrote and recorded 3 cds for abundance and good health and put them on my website for sale. I also wrote / emailed to about 25 people to tell them all about them and how they can help with whatever ails them. I got very depressed about it all a couple of months ago. but now I’m much more I’ve put it all out there (I do every single day) sometimes i think that it’s not what the Universe wants for me. So I’ve given it to the Universe and I’m just letting the Universe deal with it! I am learning to trust every single day that it will happen that suddenly there will be a deluge of clients all clammering for my help.
    I’d love some feedback about what I ought to be doing to speed up the process.

  • Stacy says:

    My main blocks are:
    1. Feeling like if I am successful, people will be constantly clamoring for my time and attention. What I want is to have a life fairly free of people clamoring for my time, getting to experience the beauty of the world and offer something back but my freedom is incredibly important and I’m not sure how to reconcile the two needs. Checking and answering emails all day long is not something I am interested in.

    2. Really struggling with being very thankful for the amazing 9-5 job I have, with a great view, working with wonderful people, in a supportive environment but feeling angry that the work itself is not something my heart enjoys and everytime I have to enter a cold building with no fresh air on a bright-sunny day, knowing my time is owned by someone else, I feel physcically ill. I AM thankful, especially now when people are stuggling and losing jobs around me and I’m angry at myself for feeling so trapped. But I want to be happily financially free, yesterday πŸ™‚
    I want a way to feel genuinly grateful for how blessed I am while working toward the future I really desire. Concentraing on everything I get to do and learn where I currently am isn’t working. It’s like once the blinders came off that there was actually the option of being financially free doing what you love, a panic to be in that life ASAP completely overwhelmed me and my current reality became very painful. I am doing my best to live “as if” but it’s a daily struggle.

    3. I agree with the faith comments I’m seeing. I feel like I am working incredibly hard (but having fun doing it), keeping my vibrations up, coming home every day expecting great things in my mailbox, getting up every morning expecting that “today is the day something fanstastic will happen” and I get lots and lots of signs that things are on the way and constant little rewards from the Universe that I’m on track but the big stuff seems to be eluding me. I feel like I’m right there, ready for the tipping point but I’ve felt that way for about a year. I feel I must be missing something big.

    4. I can’t shake the fear of being judged if I were wealthy. And I intellectually KNOW all the reasons it makes NO sense to judge wealthy people but coming from a small town, I know how people talk about the wealthy. I fear all the harsh energy that could be directed toward me.

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Christine, that would be a block, not feeling or believing you are worthy of success and abundance…and you know they focused on not enough, so begin to see where you see and choose form lack and begin to switch to abundance thinking

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Katrina… this is a pattern that is keeping you in a loop… one thing I would look at just knowing this small bit from you is, what are you actually doing to make it happen? Do you meditate daily on the outcome you want? Do you install mindsets that support your abundance? Do you watch who you talk to, do you stay focused on what is the next best step… and do you take action?
    I support my clients in making al the spiritual and internal changes, and yet, we have to create momentum in the world, energy… so there is a clear path for all those paying client to roll in on… πŸ™‚

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Keep on, there is no way to fail if you do not give up! My guess is there are some things you are not doing consistently and some things that would take your practice to a whole new level… get out of your comfort zone and give yourself a bold money goal, and then focus on achieving it with all your being, just get one simple result under your belt, then move up…

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Lidia, very common feelings, we all love and want the best for everyone, however, a key mindset is to realize each person is choosing and creating their reality and you cannot do anything about it anyway, and you staying poor, unhappy or suffering does not help them in any way! πŸ™‚

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Ali, thanks so much for hitting on a HUGE block for most people… yes this is a biggie, and one I love to work on with people, charging what they desire and are worthy of and then following through with imprinting the beliefs so you can do it consistently until the proof erases all fear, then you go to the next income level and deal with those issues! πŸ™‚ You will love this course I am designing, you are perfect for it!!
    Start right now …look in the mirror and tell yourself, as the CEO of the company :”New policy: no more free, trades, or reduced prices. My services are too valuable and I want people to receive true change. They will when I honor my value and they will get more value from it”… You are going to break through and love it!!

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Melanie honey, slow down, you already know so much , it is within you… now you just work what you have, work something that you can stick to and give it a chance to make a change. It does take effort and time to shift, but consistency is key. Sounds like it may be time to move past books and classes to a private coach who can hold your hand, be compassionate and yet hold you accountable and get you moving into momentum,,,
    My guess too is you have some sticky past life energies that are around being broke, in debt and so on..hugs

  • Nan Akasha says:

    it is a pattern you are repeating and it is mainly based on just sticking to it… changes take time and space to shift. Sometimes a minute, sometimes years… but it is inevitable if you maintain your focus, your vision and your good feelings… also stop giving so much power to what you see… what is visible and manifest right now. It is only a tiny bit of what is actually already in existence… the rest you cannot see yet, so cultivate the knowing that it is there, and stay focused on it with all of you πŸ™‚

  • Nan Akasha says:

    I feel it too, I know where you are! Been there πŸ™‚ Turn to trusting you know what to do, go deeper into a practice you know works well for you, and find the place inside you that is ready to do whatever it takes. A client saw this t-shirt, I do not know who said the quote, but it is awesome “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If it is not important to you, you will find excuses”

  • Nan Akasha says:

    I understand Marjorie, and I see you as powerful…. no matter what happened… and I know you are powerful to create a new story and new feeling and own your power… no matter what. Love

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Thanks Stacy… for sharing, stay tuned for more … and congrats, you are way ahead of most people just knowing and taking the time to see it. You are on your way to an abundant life!

  • Naomi Mckenzie says:

    The biggest block I have had around money is having given my power away to others, in the past, and clearing the guilt, cutting the cords of attachment, clearing sexual energy, and self forgiveness, (forgiving my mistakes).