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Spiritual 6 figure breakthrough tip

By June 21, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

Here is the first tip I promised you… especially for entrepreneurs, coaches and healers, who are READY to breakthrough to 6 figures or multi 6 figures… all while evolving Spiritually and financially and living the life your Soul intended!

7 Spiritual Secrets of 6-Figure Breakthroughs is a powerful way of being so that you align with your Soul purpose, your Spirit guides and co create profitable streams of income while doing what you love and being your authentic self.

Tip #1: Honor your Desires and Visions as precious gifts from the Divine

Honor your Desires and Visions as precious gifts from the Divine… when you get inspired with a powerful desire, vision or idea, you are being blessed and chosen. You are being told

“You can do this, it will be wonderful for you and you have all the help and support you need. It is Already done.”

Yes, it is already here… grasp this deeply. You do not have to make it, create it, struggle for it, wait for it… it is already done, and ready and waiting for you.

In the field of abundance, this image, idea/vision has been imprinted and in fact actually exists. So your part in taking your idea and breathing life into it so it appears in your now reality, is to find it. This means you align with it, vibrationally, mentally, emotionally, energetically, until it manifests in physical reality.

Honor your passionate purpose… the message you know you are meant to share. It is not you being selfish, it is not you being greedy and wanting more or taking from others. Your inspiration and intuition is a direct communication from Source/God… or through your Spirit guides .. to lead you, guide you to your highest good and happiness.

Many people feel guilty about pursuing their dreams or vision of their ideal income, business, lifestyle… they feel they are acting on selfish desires that are not worthy or spiritual. This is a mass conscious fear of not being worthy. This is total falsehood.

Begin to treat the ideas, visions, passions you have and receive as Divine communication, and you were chosen specifically, to bring it into the world in your own unique way.

Honor it by accepting it, trusting it, playing with it, and then taking inspired action on it. Remember, it is already there, and you have been given the vision, because you can do it and if you want to do it, you WILL find a WAY!



  • Patricia says:

    This is a right now message for me thank you so much for sharing with us

  • Yoleida says:

    Thanks, Nan is pretty beautiful what he says, is a grandiose way you can just read the guide, inspire me and could feel the force majeure, this is leading me holy.