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Spiritual $6-figure Secret 2 for coaches and healers

By June 22, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

Do you have a deep desire to be of service, to spread your message and touch and change lives with your unique talents? Do you also have a deep knowing that you are meant to be wealthy, well cared for and make 6-figures or more sharing yourself? Good, then pay attention…

My favorite thing is blending Spirit and Business. I love integrating the parts of my life, so my whole life is a reflection of my energy, my passion… a unique Soul print. I noticed many years ago in my Spiritual studies, teaching  and travels that many people who actively pursue their Spiritual path, also keep it separate from the rest of their lives. They go to work at a job they sort of like, or hate…they deal with family, groceries, relationships, health…. and then they set aside time to “be spiritual”.

That no longer works! It no longer works to live lives of separation… and you know it! Your Soul is crying out for recognition, fulfillment. It is time to merge your Spiritual life, values and evolution with your business, relationships, and life in general. This is what being in the flow means, living your purpose through every action, thought and focus you have.

BEing a Soul centered coach, healer or entrepreneur means integrating your Spiritual path with your financial path and the rest of your life.

These tips are  especially for entrepreneurs, coaches and healers, who are READY to breakthrough to 6 figures or multi 6 figures… all while evolving Spiritually and financially and living the life your Soul intended!

Tip #2: Integrate your Spiritual and Material paths for a RICH life!

A spiritually and financially RICH life is one that you are excited to be a part of. You wake up every day with joyful anticipation… thrilled to see what wonders will unfold for you today. You know inside you you are living a life of meaning and you feel fulfilled in more ways that you imagined possible.

Where are you keeping your true passion, Soul purpose or authentic self expression suppressed?

Do you bring your spiritual values into your work and play? Recognize where you are not fully expressed, where you keep your authentic feelings, values and desires to yourself. Ask yourself why?

This is a vital step in living a life that feels whole, complete, satisfying.

If you are in transition from a job to your own business, or in clarifying your niche or changing focus… this is a great time to insist (to yourself) you include your Spiritual beliefs, practices and power . Even if it feels scary at first… I can guarantee you, the key to a happy fulfilling life is to BE YOURSELF 100%… no matter what anyone else thinks… and this is a great first step!

Your Spiritual growth is your top priority from a Soul level, so keeping it hidden or suppressed, not living by it, all create lack of energy, focus, joy and motivation. The time is now, there is no more time to wait… the success you seek is inside you creating a life of purpose and Spirit that feeds your heart, soul, body and mind… AND your bank account!

Do whatever it takes to being your Spiritual life into your every day life … you must, in order to get to the goodies…co-creating with the Universe and accepting all the support that comes with living a life aligned with your Soul and Spirit guidance.

Have a clear purpose and intent to blend them beautifully together in a way that uplifts and supports you. You will find all areas of your life get easier. When you commit to your Spiritual path, it clears obstacles in ways you never knew possible… and when you integrate them both, you will have that in your business as well!


if you REALLY want to be of service, YOU have to be willing to do whatever it takes.
And I promise you, you will LOVE who you become in the process!” Kendall Summerhawk