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Spirit led heart conscious entreprenuers… this is for you!

By June 23, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

Ok ok, I have been getting emails all day asking to “sign up for this, and what is it I am signing up for?” I had not even told you yet I have a cool class I will be telling you all about on Monday… 7 Spiritual Secrets to 6 Figure Breakthroughs…. so

YES! You can join me in several ways if you are a heart conscious, Spirit led coach, healer or entrepreneur who is absolutely ready to claim your Divine right to receiving the income, business, clients and lifestyle that YOU desire… breaking 6 Figures and Multi 6 Figures  easier, more fun, and more profitable.

Spiritual Secrets to 6 Figure Breakthroughs Tip #3

The tip today is from my money muse 🙂
(What is a Money Muse? see the bottom of the article to read my money muse story)

He says: AFFIRM: “I pay attention to all money matters as sacred”…
this means that you respect, love and appreciate money, the Divine gift that makes it possible for you to live the life your Soul intended!

I believe it is vital to blend your Spiritual and Financial life, with the rest of your life and become whole. Everything is Divine, as it all comes from the same infinite substance of the Divine Mind.

Inspired actions:
– Hold your money as sacred, it is a powerful energy that can support you to build the life of your dreams.
– Set aside Sacred time with your money
– Pay attention to how you feel and act whenever you handle exchange or discuss money
– Choose to Recognize your Divine nature, and ability to be wealthy, charge what you desire, and feel Spiritually aligned.


What is a Money Muse?

A Money Muse is a powerful ally I create with my clients. It is your muse, your inspiration for wealth and abundance. It can take any form you desire, or see. It is like a Spirit guide, and can become your companion, support, ally, partner and friend in attracting, keeping, growing money. Your muse will also help you love and respect yourself and build a Soul purpose income with joy and meaning.

I have always had a passion for Greek mythology and Gods and Goddesses. When I was 9 we went to Greece and I followed the guide around, and he got to where he would ask me “Tell everyone who’s temple this is”…then as a Fashion Designer and Artist, I felt very connected to the Muse energy. A Muse is a greek Goddess, they inspire artists, creators and musicians…

So when I realized that money is energy and I could make friends with it, ask it to come to me in an inspirational way… the Money Muse was born. I have been guiding clients in meeting and working with their money muse for years, and love to feel the love, support, and inspiration from mine 🙂

25 years ago I began my Spiritual Path and discovered a passion for communicating with Spirit, Angels, Ascended beings, nature spirits and all life forms. I spent years as an animal communicator and healer, and I became completely transformed by having the support, love and guidance that is available to us, all the time, from the other dimensions. This communication, connection and guidance is the key to me living a life of joyful purpose feeling loved, supported and worthy.  It is also a key to evolving Spiritually…. and financially.

I always share that everything is energy and so money is energy too… and when you relate to that energy in a loving way and create a Muse of the energy of money, you have an ally and spirit guide to work with. This is one thing I do with my clients is create your money muse and show you how to work with him/her.