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Spiritual secret tip for 6 figure breakthroughs

By June 24, 2011Blog

I have been giving you tips on breaking that invisible barrier inside you to making at least 6 figures ($100,000 – $999,999). It is my true passion to get you past the false, fear inducing and draining blocks that keep you from allowing money and meaning to flow in your life.

Today I want to give you a tip that saved me years of heartache, tons of missed opportunities, and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars:

Tip #4

Do not take anything personally.

I initially learned this from the book “The 4 Agreements”… and it literally changed my life overnight.

You choose what you feel… yes, because you choose what it means. If someone does or says something and you choose to let it upset you, depress you, discourage you, distract you or stop you from doing what you know in your heart is best for you, you are taking it personally.

Nothing anyone else does is because of you… it is because of them. Their feelings, reasons, fears, desires. It is time to LET GO of being offended, wanting to be right and letting anything others do, or do not do, stop you, slow you down or get in your way.

Try it… commit to spend two days not taking anything at all personally. You will be amazed at how many opportunities there are to let go. Then, when you begin to shift, you will be amazed at the clarity, energy and purpose that pour through you.

How will this allow you to receive more money? Because whether you realize it or not, this is keeping money from you… in droves! I will tell you more… but for now, just do it, it will make you feel light and happy!

You are in charge of your destiny, your wealth, your happiness. Make yourself the most important guideline and do not let anyone ever steal your dreams.

I beleive in you, and hold you in a space of love and light that empowers you to be all you are and all you can imagine. Now.

Monday I will share with you 3 ways for you to work with me to take your heart centered business or passion and turn it into a profitable business that feeds your Soul, your bank account and your joy.

Enjoy the weekend, and walk in the world in your truth… that you are a Divinely wealthy, worthy, unique being with a special message to bring to the world.

This will be especially for Coaches… especially Law of Attraction coaches and spiritually based coaching (these are the lowest income producing coaches in general)…. healers and entrepreneurs that are building or planning a business with a heart and an impact…. who are ready to let go of what has stopped you from receiving 6 figures while doing what you love. If that is you… I look forward to co creating your new wealthy life!


  • Delia Daza says:

    Thank you so much, today I had someone reject my business telling me “thank you but no thank you” and other things that I rather not say. I was telling myself I wasn’t offended because I was trying to be positive and then I kept thinking about it over and over and I knew deep inside that it really bothered me. And I got home and read your message and it helped me.
    I can’t wait for the next installment because I am also trying to combine my entrepreneur and spiritual/healer side.
    Thanks again Nan, love and light.

  • Hifzur Rahman says:

    Dear Nan,

    Thank u for this tip. Before u reject any body’s proposal regarding the business or business shift, it is very very important that u fix your own goals and dreams. Only then u r in a position not to take any thing personally for u.