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Heads up

By June 25, 2011Blog
Hi.. are you enjoying your weekend?
I am… spending it with my twin daughters.. helping them make their visions for their life a reality… I love doing this, for you, me and them!
I was thinking though, that I wanted to let you know I am in the process of  re-assessing my business… and the ways in which I provide top notch value for you and how I can serve at a deeper and bigger level….
I am really enjoying working with people who want to accelerate their growth and their Spiritual  and Financial Evolution.

So in the next few weeks you will see some changes and I am very excited because they are designed to take you and your results to a higher, deeper level….faster!
So I wanted to give you a heads up… if you have been waiting to buy a meditation, product, class or Soul Reading…now is the time to do it!
Why? Because I am taking all my services and products, reviewing them and changing how they are delivered to you… to most optimize your breakthroughs and income. So soon they will no longer be available alone… they may be in a package or only available to coaching and program clients.
This is key: I am no longer doing single sessions…. so I will take a limited number of them now.. first come first served… before we make the final changes… however, if you have been on the fence about booking a Soul Reading or an Advanced Soul Reading… or even  a Karmic clearing or Past Life healing… Magnetic Wealth Belief clearing… get it now!
These will still be available… I know how effective they are… but they will only be available in packages after July 1, 2011…

So below are some links to the pages that have the sessions and products
Magnetic Soul Readings
Karmic Healings & Readings
Products & Audios
Classes on audio
Delight in your day… it is a gift… and there are serendipities all around you…
Love, Nan
PS Let us know if you have any questions