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Your financial freedom plan

By July 8, 2011April 26th, 2019Blog

Freedom and independence are the topics right now, with Independence day in America. Freedom is such a delicious energy… financial freedom is even more yummy… because it holds pure potential possibility.

Freedom is big though… and you may be mentally wishing you had freedom… especially financial freedom…. and inwardly, you fear and avoid the power that would give you freedom.

Part of the power, that makes you free, is money. Being ‘big’ enough to accept, deserve and allow more than enough money to flow consistently into your life… this is freedom… because now you are not in survival mode, sucking up all your energy and draining all your time and creativity.

Freedom comes with being able to freely express yourself, do what you love and grow spiritually. For this you need to be free enough…

free from irrational fears
free from the opinions of others
free from limiting beliefs
free to choose for yourself and stay in alignment with your Soul purpose
free enough to deserve and accept the money and support to live your dreams
Time to prepare for your Financial freedom! You must evolve Spiritually to be true to yourself… and you must evolve Financially in order to provide a free nurturing environment within which to grow spiritually…

Do you have a Freedom Plan? Do you know what you need to feel free, to free your mind and let the wealth follow… to free your dreams and make them a reality? Are you aware you must unleash your Divine power within to handle the money, support, and joy that come with true freedom?

Your Financial Freedom Plan

Time to get busy and design your financial freedom plan… the sooner you do, the sooner you will know you are doing the best things each day to move you closer to your financial freedom… your joy… your vision as a reality!

Here are 3 steps you can take today to begin to design your financial freedom plan:

Describe your vision for how you feel, what you do and who with when you are free: financially free to do, create and give what you are passionate about… and mentally free to create and do what you love… and emotionally free to feel safe being yourself and worthy of receiving your good… and spiritually free to follow your inner guidance and live life in tune with your Soul purpose/ Detail how it feels and looks and then meditate on it daily, taking inspired actions daily.You must know what freedom means to you… and how it will feel for you. Then take the next best step until you are living it. Let nothing stand in your way… not others…. not self doubt…. not lack of time, money or support… claim your freedom within you and it will appear around you.
Ask yourself “Am I ready to claim my Divine power and allow the wealth of spiritual and material riches into my life that will let me be truly free to live life being me, and expressing my full potential?”
Create a Courageous money goal…. and what you will do when you reach it to celebrate and apply it to your personal freedom…
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