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Ever have one of ‘those’ days?

By August 2, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
Ever have one of ‘those’ days? When others seem to affect you, your fears, guilt, sadness and grief seem to be skin deep and just won’t go away? It is like being possessed in a way… it takes over your mind, your emotions, even your body… and you cannot see the positive, the light, the love?
I know… been there…..done that!
I have some powerful tips on how to bring yourself back to center, and even better… release your stuck energy and circular logic! Today is part one.

First let’s look at 5 reasons why it is so important to clear and break the cycle… and get free from the grip of ‘lack’ or low vibrational energy… as soon as you can!
  1. When you are in fear, grief,anger shame… you are in a LOW vibrational state of consciousness, that literally makes it hard to see anything ‘positive’ or at a higher vibrational rate or state of consciousness.
  2. You do not attract what you desire when you are in this energetic state
  3. You get stuck in circular logic that creates suffering…. pain is inevitable in like… but suffering is when you feel so attached to the pain, that you feel powerless and see no way out or no way to resolve it, and then you stay in the pain.
  4. Blocks your Success: in more money, love, friends, clients, happiness, meaning etc. is your reality when you stay in an abundance mindset and surround yourself consistently with whatever and whomever lifts you up… literally, to a higher vibrational state, where you can think and be at peace. You feel stuck and not moving or progressing when you stay stuck in this
  5. Drains your energy, focus and ability to access your spiritual guidance and Divine power. This is where you live in the Victim Vibe! (Powerless)


So , when you get ‘dragged’ down by fears, karmic patterns, people or situations here is a powerful thing to do:

  1. Interrupt the pattern immediately: when you notice you are losing power and feel old patterns get triggered, interrupt it with shock and awe or silliness. You can do this by doing something silly, thinking of something fun or happy or shocking. Anything.

Tomorrow I will share more and a process that goes deep not just on releasing, but empowering you!

I would love it if you shared your experiences, tips and especially how this helped you in the comments below!
Thanks so much… and remember to nurture and bathe yourself in love today! I know I am!
Love, Nan
PS Thanks so much to everyone who wrote in about what I shared in the email “I Give to you”
if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


  • Joy ONeill says:

    EFT works or try just concentrating on your breathing to bring yourself into the NOW, then let the feelings just pass through you and go on about your business. Try Ho’oponopono, I’ve had that work too. You just need something to bring you into focus and awareness. Go over your ‘grateful for’ list. The other day I had a sad moment over a dying relationship. I caught myself and said “It’s only a feeling.” Then I let myself feel it and feel it moving through and away from me. By then I was feeling better and could turn my attention elsewhere. Humor is great, if you can do it. For fear, grief, anger and shame I usually have to get through it with one of the above methods, then I can turn to humor. Those feelings are often strong and associated with things that we’d normally wallow in (as we have been taught to do). I find it easier to bring myself to awareness, process the feeling and send it back into the Universe with a kiss. I feel much lighter then, more in charge and ready for the good stuff.

  • Dr gpbhatnagar says:

    A good preaching to act upon.