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is it safe to be rich?

By August 16, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

Do you think it is safe to be rich? When you think of having more money than you have ever had before… an amount you would feel like solved all your worries and created a lifestyle you would enjoy… does it feel safe?

I know some people just react from their head.. “of course… I want to be rich, so why would I not think it was safe?” … but I know you are here for more… you understand that most of the world is invisible to us and it has power and holds all riches, and love and joy. So I want you to go deeper… feel it!

So ask yourself that question and stay still and alert and see what arises within you. Ready?

Say this slowly , with deliberate meaning:

“I AM rich… I have more money than I can ever need or want… I have the lifestyle of my dreams… my life is easy, fun and rewarding… I AM Safe”

Money is such an amazing and revealing energy. It stays true to it’s nature… to it’s Mission… no matter what you or I think of it, do with it, or act towards it. When you look at how you really feel with money, having your dreams come true, and being happy, while doing what you love and feeling safe and fulfilled… you will find resistance.

Now… if you are not seeing it yet, trust me and follow along: if you DID feel safe right now with money, in all ways… you would be RICH! It’s simply the law… and Divine Law is absolute. So… look again.

Why would it not be safe to be rich? I have heard 1000’s of reasons… all of them very real and powerful for the person experiencing them… yet none of them True. There is no reason at all.. for you not to be as rich as you would like… in money, cash, physical wealth and Spiritual riches. Well… that is a lie… there is a reason… but it is within you, not because of the money, or The Universe, or anyone else.

Only because it does not feel safe to you.

Yes… when we do not feel safe, we do not have the ability to accept or actively seek that which we would love to have and would fulfill our Soul Mission… but free yourself from that shackle and you can soar into riches of all sorts while expanding in love and fulfilling your missions.

First… you must feel safe.

So leave me a comment below what about being rich… in money, clients and income… as well as having what you want, with ease and no more suffering or struggle.  Be honest… this is a powerful healing.

Here are a few examples:

It is not safe to be rich… others will reject/disown/not like me anymore

It is not safe to be rich… I will lose it/mismanage it/someone will take it/steal it

It is not safe to be rich… I will be seen, noticed, people will want things from me

It is not safe to be rich… it will be too much hard work and take too much time away from doing what I love

It is not safe to be rich… money is not spiritual and you are greedy and will not be loved by God if you want, or have a lot of money.

It is not safe to be rich…   your turn :)… __________________________________________


I’ll be back to see what you all said!


  • Debra says:

    It is not safe to be rich…it would bring to much attention to myself.
    It is not safe to be rich…rich people have a harder time entering into the kingdom of heaven.
    It is not safe to be rich…people would expect to much from me.
    It is not safe to be rich…brings to much responsibility.
    It is not safe to be rich…worry about how not to loose it.
    It is not safe to be rich…worry about how to manage so much money.
    I never realized I had so much resistance to receiving wealth. Thanks Nan, now I know what I need to do.

  • Gerrie says:

    Hi Nan, indeed! if I am really really honest about this, the strongest one is that my friends might like me less than before!! How stupid!! But you are right!! So…… what is the solution?

  • Betsy Dunda says:

    It seems like the 3 biggest ones for me are: I will lose it or mismanage money somehow or someone will take it, I will be noticed and people will not only want things from me but expect things from me, and I’ll have to work too hard, no longer enjoy the work I enjoy, and won’t have any time for myself to enjoy myself.

    Thanks for the focus on these beliefs and for the great assistance I’ve received so far from your material/program I’ve purchased.

  • Yoleida says:

    Thanks, Nan awesome your very thoughtful message from one of the thousand reasons
    but the reality is alone, is free of old thinking that somehow we were taught
    and learn to be loved in abundance in every way
    thanks again
    thousand blessings
    Please continue to guide Nan

  • Joseann says:

    First of all thanks that it is possible to comment without having to use facebook.
    Second, when I read your questions, I had the question: not safe for whom?
    The third aspect was concerned with this sentence:
    Money is such an amazing and revealing energy. It stays true to it’s nature… to it’s Mission… no matter what you or I think of it, do with it, or act towards it.
    It is not safe to be rich, because I do not understand the nature of money, it feels dangerous and so, having a lot of it is not a comfortable thought. It is not “natural”, I cannot understand it. And then: it is not safe to be rich because somehow, money seems to be connected to the destruction of nature. I actually perceive it in a way that “evil and destruction is the root of money”, as somehow, whereever profit is made through the “creation” of products, something needs to be destroyed, be it animals (meet), landscapes (mining), forests (paper), people’s lives etc. In order to get rich, people are pretty much destroying everything alive and natural out there and so there is a connection for me that being rich would destroy my naturalness, my natural self or my natural spirit or that I would contribute to it.
    It is also not safe to be rich because it seems that in order for few people to get rich, many people have to be poor (the profit margin has to come from somewhere) which ultimately will cause aggression and war. I would become the target of aggression and contribute to this problem as well. I feel that overly rich people and too many of them are making the whole world instable, it becomes unbalanced and in that sense, it wouldn’t be safe to be rich, not only for me, but pretty much for the whole system.

    With respect to this:
    You understand that most of the world is invisible to us and it has power and holds all riches, and love and joy.
    May be I don’t understand this. For me, I only see what is happening in the visible world. I see that in order to gain riches, a beautiful planet is pretty much transformed into a trash can. You say that all reasons you heard are not true and I would really love to hear, in how far this is not true. I just see that we cannot eat money, but that money eats the planet, somehow, and I don’t feel safe around “rich”, as I feel, the more money there is on one side, the bigger the ecological, social and ethical problems are on the other side. That also seems to be a law, but somehow nobody talks about it.
    I was amazed that I actually would feel safe personally with having money, like there is no fear that people wouldn’t like me any more or so. For me, it is more a “systemic” fear of this stuff called “money”. I don’t understand it, and I don’t like the toll it takes on nature.

  • t says:

    People will be jealous of me I don’t mind that they will want money from me but I think they they won’t think I’m still me who actually loves people. And I am afraid I might not associate with some people if I didn’t have to.Of course I would change in that I would finally feel free to be me and do what I really love. I guess what i really am afraid of is other people’s judgement of me because I am rich.Perhaps I have judged others unknowingly because they are rich. Perhaps when I say I am not jealous of them I really am. I don’t want to be but I think why not me. And to think it’s because I don’t allow myself to be rich because of all these fears. At least I am starting to see clearer now, how I block myself.Until I started writing I didn’t know that I felt this way. Amazing.

  • Maria says:

    Hi Nan,
    I have often thought of how safe and secure I would be if I had money, my thoughts and my body do not have a clue what that safety is suppose to feel like, I believe we attract through our emotions of how we feel about something but if you’ve never known what it feels like to have the safety and security of money it is hard to attract it to you when you do not know how to get your emotions to align with it.

  • Debby says:

    This has been WONDERFUL! By the way, enjoyed your part on the telethon yesterday. 🙂

    I keep attracting everything I need because I am now seeing that everything is an opportunity.
    I thought I was good on all of this, and found that quite a few comments made by your readers triggered me. So, I cleared on those. Having a really FUN time with this! I am so excited as I am waiting on a program I purchased from you. YAY!!!!!!
    Thank you, Nan.

  • Sussana says:

    Thanks Nan you was right, if my feel not safe, nothing can give me good feeling, my choice I can change my feeling 🙂

  • Rosa says:

    This was very good reading and like the reader above, I cant find a reason why being rich is not safe. However money does not manifest as quickly and in big quantities as I would like. Could it be something other than it’s not safe, because I would actually feel safer in the having of a lot of money. I don’t want to keep asking the Universe “what am i doing wrong” only holding myself in this never ending cycle of not having, but what am i missing that it has not manifested like i visualize and imagine? Help…. Smooches

  • deborah says:

    I actually think it is safe for me to be rich on a conscious level….but at the subconcious level, something isn’t quite connecting. I have been on a spiritual path for 9 years now, gone through divorce, been wealthy with my former husband, and lost almost all of it after the divorce. I am making my way back, but still with difficulty. I keep saying I deserve all of lifes abundance……so what is my problem? I think that if I am rich, my family may resent me for it.There are some family members, and friends who are not doing well financially, so there could be some jealousy, thus resentment. Then, what do I do….?

  • Annette says:

    It is not safe to be rich because what if I don’t manage/invest it
    properly and end up broke again.

    It is not safe… Once people are aware that you are loaded then all
    Of a sudden, they have car issues, about to get evicted and every
    Problem known to man will suddenly crop up.

    It is not safe… Because money doesn’t grow on trees. Also, it
    Takes money to make money; Why do you think you should get
    Rich while everybody else struggles? How do you not help every
    Request without angering people?

  • Rehana says:

    Nan, I heard about your website about 6 weeks ago, and I have been enjoying and reaping the benefits of your wisdom ever since. In this 6 weeks a relatively short time my life has taken a beautiful change. Yes prior to this I never felt safe with money and my bank balance was always in overdraft now my positive bank balance is increasing daily. I started my own on-line business 2 weeks ago and its buzzing. I truly have more than I need. After 10 years and advice from many spiritual teachers, I resonateD with your teachings. I’m glad our paths have crossed. Much love.

  • patricia says:

    Hi Nan, What you say to others is very supportive and resonates with me as spiritual teacher. What you know is very enlightening. Thankyou

  • ruby says:

    It is not safe to be rich somebody will steal it or kill you for it. You will begin worry about it.

  • Nan Akasha says:

    thanks so much for sharing this with me! I am always tickled to hear this and
    to know you are living a happier money mission and allowing yourself to prosper…
    with ease!
    Keep in touch and let me know how it goes!

    May I share your comment?

    I especially like how you were aware of being in overdraft… = lack… and now you are
    not only positive in $ but increasing… and you see it and believe it! Awesome!

    The next fun thing to do is to really see how powerful, present and prosperous you can
    be by being you 100% and knowing it is already yours.

    Let me know if you want to do some work to accelerate or refine your results!

    Keep it up… I can feel you are on a path of increase! You are doing so great!

    Much love, Nan

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Annette,,, you have to unplug… so feel the energy of that exact word… right now you feel obligated, guilty, unable to say no or yes, without worry and fear… the people who you say show up and want and ask and demand feel that energy and are drawn to it… you can change how you feel about your money… YOUR money…. and yourself, and you will not have the slightest concern of angering people.
    Everyone is responsible for their own feelings and reactions.. you cannot make them angry, that is their choice.. and feeling guilty or comfortable in your decisions, is your choice.

    Do not make the choice to help others of not form a place of feeling week, pressured, from yourself or others. You have to detach from the outcome… and trust!

  • Sybilla says:

    It is not safe to be rich
    – it is being greedy
    – I may loose it all
    – It means I am not spiritual
    – I am ashamed of my want and needs when I compare myself to others- those starving, in refugee camps, persecuted.

  • Meg says:

    It is not safe to be rich, as it would mean I have no excuse for not doing what I say I would like to do!!!!
    It is not safe to be rich as I might become big headed, bossy and thoughtless in other words a b_ _ _h (the generic name for a female dog). 😉

  • Patricia says:

    I think its PERFECTLY safe to be rich. MUCH safer than living on the edge like I am now. It is simply not happening.

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Great… I think so too… but do you really believe it and feel it at a core level? If so, awesome… tell us what you are doing!!
    I agree, being rich is better in many many ways… but our inner emotional blocks to anything that makes us feel unsafe are not rational! Thanks for sharing!

  • Susan says:

    It’s not safe to be rich, I don’t know how to manage it. I won’t know what to do with it, I might loose it.

    Thank you Nan

  • BOMBI says:

    It’s still a little confusing to me, but what I know for sure is : not for long! Thanx.

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Patricia… what do you feel is within you that is keeping you from allowing yourself to have more than enough?

  • Nan Akasha says:

    Meg.. thanks for sharing… it is amazing how often people think they will change into a bad person with money…. what would it look like if money increased your good and loving qualitites, and gave you ease and happiness? Worth pondering!

  • meg,its nice that you did a positive thing to point out an important points of to become a rich