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“I saw my bank balance this morning and I was thrilled”

By August 19, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

“…. I saw my Bank Balance this morning and I was thrilled. I’ve paid some of my debts and by Friday I’ll be debt free yayyyyyyy. Its amazing how you can go through many teachers and just 1 gets the message across. Lots of love and blessings to you. Rehana (I CAN DO IT!).”

I have been busy getting my twin girls ready for high school… how fun! I personally LOVED high school… but I rarely meet anyone else who did 🙂 What I loved about it was… I felt more freedom and independence.

I went to a whole new school so I got to ‘reinvent myself” and express myself in a way I liked. That time was so empowering because I felt an increase in self love, power and energy. This was where I first felt like “me”… not a girl who was always trying to please others.

I discovered and found ways to excel at what I loved. This became a safe and positive experience and environment. We really need to feel safe… look for ways that help us feel safe, while still playing full out. Because I was BEing my passion… I was more fully aligned with my purpose and then increase in good things came to me.

I have taken that feeling of being fully expressed, living into your full potential while feeling fun, loving and valued and share it in my teachings because it is so powerful..  and profitable!

Below I wanted to share a comment from someone experiencing this wonderful increase in her life. She commented on my blog “Is it Safe to be Rich?”and my response.

“Nan, I heard about your website about 6 weeks ago, and I have been enjoying and reaping the benefits of your wisdom ever since. In this 6 weeks a relatively short time my life has taken a beautiful change. Yes prior to this I never felt safe with money and my bank balance was always in overdraft now my positive bank balance is increasing daily.
I started my own on-line business 2 weeks ago and its buzzing. I truly have more than I need. After 10 years and advice from many spiritual teachers, I resonateD with your teachings. I’m glad our paths have crossed.”
Much love. Rehana

thanks so much for sharing this with me! I am always tickled to hear this and to know you are living a happier money mission and allowing yourself to prosper… with ease! Keep in touch and let me know how it goes! I especially like how you were aware of being in overdraft… = lack… and now you are not only positive in $ but increasing… and you see it and believe it! Awesome!

The next fun thing to do is to really see how powerful, present and prosperous you can be by being you 100% and knowing it is already yours. Let me know if you want to do some work to accelerate or refine your results! Keep it up… I can feel you are on a path of increase! You are doing so great! Much love, Nan”

So why not use this as as a great Magnetic Wealth Affirmation? Say it now, no matter what is in your bank balance is! Then keep feeling into it seeing your ideal bank balance, or your next goal for your bank balance…. JUICY!!

“I saw my bank balance this morning and I was thrilled!!!!”



  • Rehana says:

    Nan, Blessings and love to you.

  • prosperity says:

    Great article Nan….I just bought your book Already Rich and I cannot wait for it to arrive. I to am a huge practitioner of the Law of Attraction and when I finally realized how to use it correctly my life, my personality, my career, my finances, all took a dramatic turn for the best. Thanks again for the wonderful work you do and keep on helping the world realize that poverty and lack do not exist. These two misconceptions are fear, false evidence appearing real ( in the words of David Gikandi )