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is it safe to be rich?

By August 20, 2011April 26th, 2019Blog

Do you think it is safe to be rich? When you think of having more money than you have ever had before… an amount you would feel like kitten hanging onto fence 300x225 is it safe to be rich?solved all your worries and created a lifestyle you would enjoy… does it feel safe?

I know some people just react from their head.. “of course… I want to be rich, so why would I not think it was safe?” … but I know you are here for more… you understand that most of the world is invisible to us and it has power and holds all riches, and love and joy. So I want you to go deeper… feel it!

So ask yourself that question and stay still and alert and see what arises within you. Ready?

Say this slowly , with deliberate meaning:

“I AM rich… I have more money than I can ever need or want… I have the lifestyle of my dreams… my life is easy, fun and rewarding… I AM Safe”

Money is such an amazing and revealing energy. It stays true to it’s nature… to it’s Mission… no matter what you or I think of it, do with it, or act towards it. When you look at how you really feel with money, having your dreams come true, and being happy, while doing what you love and feeling safe and fulfilled… you will find resistance.

Now… if you are not seeing it yet, trust me and follow along: if you DID feel safe right now with money, in all ways… you would be RICH! It’s simply the law… and Divine Law is absolute. So… look again.

Why would it not be safe to be rich? I have heard 1000?s of reasons… all of them very real and powerful for the person experiencing them… yet none of them True. There is no reason at all.. for you not to be as rich as you would like… in money, cash, physical wealth and Spiritual riches. Well… that is a lie… there is a reason… but it is within you, not because of the money, or The Universe, or anyone else.

Only because it does not feel safe to you.

Yes… when we do not feel safe, we do not have the ability to accept or actively seek that which we would love to have and would fulfill our Soul Mission… but free yourself from that shackle and you can soar into riches of all sorts while expanding in love and fulfilling your missions.

First… you must feel safe.

So leave me a comment below what about being rich… in money, clients and income… as well as having what you want, with ease and no more suffering or struggle.  Be honest… this is a powerful healing.

Here are a few examples:

It is not safe to be rich… others will reject/disown/not like me anymore

It is not safe to be rich… I will lose it/mismanage it/someone will take it/steal it

It is not safe to be rich… I will be seen, noticed, people will want things from me

It is not safe to be rich… it will be too much hard work and take too much time away from doing what I love

It is not safe to be rich… money is not spiritual and you are greedy and will not be loved by God if you want, or have a lot of money.

It is not safe to be rich…   your turn icon smile is it safe to be rich? … __________________________________________


I’ll be back to see what you all said!