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"Outrageous Acceptance Process”

By August 20, 2011April 26th, 2019Blog

1.Then breathe and do the “Outrageous Acceptance Process”: do not avoid, or suppress the feelings, anger, fear etc. DO something I have been teaching my clients for years… accept where how you feel and honor that you feel it… WITHOUT JUDGEMENT… it just IS. Breathe and feel the energy moving through you, notice where you feel a block in your body, keep doing it till you get to the Neutral Zone.

2. Acceptance is not passive, it is not choosing, it is allowing what IS to be, and not fight it, not feel bad a bout it… just say this is what is right now and I accept it, and feel it and then the energy releases it’s hold on you… do not OWN it… accept it.
3. The neutral zone is when you can think clearly and choose. From here you can rationalize and access spiritual guidance and more. You do not have to get all the way to happy – bliss… just neutral… where you have ‘space’

Keys to the “Outrageous Acceptance Process” are:

When you accept the way you feel, whether you judge it to be good or bad, you ‘neutralize’ the power of the energy over you. You break the ‘powerless’ feeling. The energy of acceptance is a high level of awareness… it is where you access your POWER. Your power to be you, to think what you want, to choose from your Soul, and to allow yourself the life you desire.

When you enter the state of consciousness that is Acceptance you understand you are both the Source and the CREATOR of the experience…. = POWER.

Acceptance lets you live in harmony with life and the world. **Note: acceptance is NOT about giving up, giving away your power or doing for everyone else so there is less stress. You accept are the creator, and now you own your power to change.

Accept you are a powerful creator and JUMP to the next level of consciousness… realize nothing is created outside of you, nor can it make you happy or sad…the source of happiness is within you!

Finally remember: Love is all there is… love is not given or taken away by anyone else… it is within you… all the time.

Tune in to the frequency of love!

Please leave me a comment on how this works for you!

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