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Magnificent Monday Magnetic Wealth Affirmation

By August 21, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
It’s a Magnificent Monday again… do you think of Monday’s like that? As Magnificent? Maybe you or someone you know really has stress about Monday morning… even to the point where you get down the night before? I knew someone who was bummed all day Sunday… thereby ruining a whole, fun day off because they dreaded Monday so much!
My theory in life is to make everything fun… as much as they is possible. Also safe. You want to feel safe and happy, right? Yea, me too…
So why not start by doing one thing to turn Monday from a bummer and a dread, to a moment full of possibilities, new beginnings, new fun? Call it a Magnificent Monday and enjoy this Magnificent Magnetic Wealth Affirmation!
Also be sure to check out my Magnetic Wealth Radio Show… there is a new show starting today.. plus be sure you download the one from last time on “Success Sabotage”… it’s free!
Magnificent Magnetic Wealth Affirmation
“I AM so excited for this day… full of new possibilities, new money, new friends and new fun”
Thank You  Thank You Thank You
FEEL it… and then go look for all those things!
PS Feel good… make it really important today to let yourself feel good!