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Is your relationship with money killing your sex life?

By August 31, 2011Blog

I wanted to ask you something, that is really important and very relevant to your income…. Is your relationship with money killing your sex life?

Last week I started talking about how you are a magnificent manifestor… and the thing is, we can often manifest magnificently… yet not what we really want.

One thing that comes up almost 80% of the time is how your relationship with money is reflected in your love and sex life! It may sound unrelated, but time and time again I see how entangled they are!

Many of my clients have challenges with their love life… either a specific relationship, or with their level of confidence and comfort with love and sex in general. What we discover is how they are relating to money, feeling about mo.ney and  able to attract mo.ney is similar and entangled with their sex and love life.

We see this time and time again, Money is the #1 cause of Divorce.The way men think about money, and the way women interact with money is so different… plus each individual has a different money story and family legacy with money. How confident, comfortable, attractive and open you are in a love relationship is often identical to how you how confident, comfortable, attractive and open you are with money.

Take a minute and think about it….

Money is a powerful energy… it is as close to pure potential power we get in the physical realm. We perceive it as powerful, sometimes even scary. When you attract a lot of money, you are holding a large amount of potential energy. This is power. Power, sex and money are all

We are going to be discussing different aspects of this… so please comment below and let me know what you want to know, what you have challenges with and anything else about sex + money + power… 🙂

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  • Marianne Linders says:

    Of course it affects your sex life, when you are worried about paying your debts, always fearing the knock on the door from the debt collectors, you can not relax. It causes way to much stress, so the first thing you get out of your mind is sex.
    Especially men do this, if they can not provide for their family, they feel like a failure and will most definitely not be able to perform in the bedroom. And because this will cause more of the failure feeling they simply abandon it all together.
    Strangely enough though, when they would put their mind around sex and make love with passion, they would be able to take their mind of the problems and have a new and fresh look at it afterwards, which might give them new insights and ideas.
    It is just a vicious circle and it is very hard to come out of that again.
    I see it time and time again in my practice and all they really need to do is relax. Start with a few minutes, through massage, energy healing or even watching a comedy.
    The hard part is to take a step away from your worries and focus your attention on something completely different, especially relaxing.
    But it is so rewarding if you manage to do this and get a fresh new look at your problems, which will give you new ideas, you will think of things and solutions you never thought about before. And hey, you just might get that light bulb to come up in your head with THE solution.
    So stop what you are doing and do something radically different. It works!!!
    Good luck and lots of Love Light & Joy to all of you.